A Gift from the Groom

Last week we found out that when a knitter gets married… there is yarn involved.  A lot of yarn.

I told the Boy when the yarn started taking over our house we first started planning that I thought it would be glorious if I knit something for everyone and he bought something for everyone.  My rationale? While I picked the girls and The Boy picked the boys, I really thought of everyone in our wedding party as supporting both of us. So wouldn’t it make sense that both of us got every member of our wedding party a little somethin’ somethin’?

I thought so.

I told the Boy that he agreed.

We debated about the Boys. The Boy wanted to get the boys watches. He thought it was something they could actually use, and that definitely appealed to him.  We started looking around and do you know what we found?  Watches are expensive.

So we went State side.  And by we I of course mean me, Sista and Mom. That’s right, the Boy was not involved in shopping for the boy gifts – but he assures me his heart was in it. Off we went, to the Fossil Outlet in Niagara, New York. And do you know what they have there? Mad deals.

While I may have made the purchase months ago do you think I remembered to take pictures of all of these beautiful watches.

Nope. I can only tell you that they were similar, but different. Just like the boys.

Luckily I also got The Boy a watch, so I was able to recreate my our mad presentation.


For the ladies, let’s be honest… the Boy had nothing to do with that either the Boy’s heart was in it.  I looked for MONTHS for funky orange purses. I looked and looked.  I found a few options on Etsy (my new favourite shopping friend) but they were pricey when I was looking at buying 5 – hey a bride needs a purse (this is a lie brides – you do not need a purse… but if you’d like one just tell everyone you need it, they’ll believe you).  It was getting down to the wire when I had a stroke of genius. Grey purses. Grey purses lined with orange.

And I found just what I was looking for at My Creative Threads

Jen was wonderful to work with! The only hiccup was I forgot to tell her that I planned on gifting the purses the week before W-day. It didn’t happen. So while I had brilliant presentation planned for the girls as well, with their mittens inside their purses.  No dice. But that’s okay, it all came in with lots of time to spare.

Here’s four out of the five…

And here’s a close up of mine

If you’ve been paying attention to this little post you might have picked up on the fact that while our gifts to our wedding party were one gift from each of us in theory, in practice… I did it.

Not that I’m looking for credit of course.

That’s not what marriage is about.

Or so I’m told.



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