Things the Boy Says: Episode 1

The Boy is funny.  I don’t know if you realize this or not but his antics make me laugh on a regular basis. I mean obviously – I did marry him after all! To showcase The Boy’s funny side I thought I would introduce a new somewhat regular segment called Things The Boy Says, and share his quirky comments with the world.

I’m sure he’ll LOVE it!

I should have seen this comment coming, The Boy has a slightly OCD personality when it comes to having a “spot” for everything.  It’s the source of I would say 99% of our arguments.

Things the Boy says:

“I’m so jealous you get to carry a purse.  You have one convenient spot to carry everything!”

I fully realize The Boy’s comments might only be funny to me – but this one just made me ask myself:

Do you think lots of Boys are jealous of women’s purse carrying capacity?

I’m challenging you to ask your boy – does he wish he could carry a purse?

And boys ask yourselves and be honest – no one is judging here… much!

Ask away and leave your survey results in the comments!


2 responses

  1. Your Boy does say some pretty hilarious things!

    I don’t think my Boy is jealous because he gets to store everything he needs in my purse. “Hey…do you have chapstick in there?” “Hey…do you have moisturizer in there?” “ there an apple for me in there?” etc. And yes, I carry apples in my purse.

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