The reason I knit

How can you not want to knit beautiful things for these beautiful new people?

Baby toques are my new thing – they are SO easy and quick and ADORABLE because they are so little!!!

That means they make great little gifts when you’ve been a tad busy doing other things while the little ones were busy baking.

Plus if you knit – you usually get to squeeze the little. (It kinda goes without saying)

And the best part? If it’s too small their parents will be thrilled that their baby is so healthy, and a stranger you haven’t even met will love your toque your friends who leave it behind at the hospital for babies smaller than theirs.

That’s just a win/win/win

4 responses

  1. OMG! Soooo adorable!! Meaghan, I tried to pick up knitting about this time last year, with the intention of making my boy a scarf for christmas. It didn’t reeeeallly happen. But I’d love to know if there’s a pattern or something for those really sweet baby toques… 😀

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