Is everyone else this busy?

The Boy and I have been home from Florida for a little over two weeks. It occurred to me when we were there that all of our weekends were accounted for until January.  For reals.

I know ’tis the season and all that jazz but seriously? This is crazy.

Part of the busyness is because The Boy is coaching again this year, and his two weekend away road trips both happen to be in the first half of the season.  Part of it is because Christmas is coming and we’ve got some pre-Christmas stuff coming up.  And part of it is because we’re just so popular. Ha! Just kidding.

This weekend was going to be our only nothing weekend before Christmas but plans changed when The Boy’s brother and family made an unexpected trip East home.  They’re living in the land of milk and honey Alberta and made a trip back before their little one turns two and is full price on the airplane.

Needless to say with the littles (ages 3 and 2) living on the other side of the country we don’t know them terribly well.  We’ve only seen them three times and twice respectively but they are blog worthy because a. they are our only nieces, b. they are two of the most loving kids I have ever met and c.  we used our new camera. 😛

I give you little 1

This little likes to pose for the camera

and little 2

This little likes to grab the camera - pose not so much.

Funny things we heard this weekend:

1. When we arrived on Friday and were greeted at the door by Little 1, the following conversation happend:

Little’s mom: “Do you know who these guys are?”

Little 1: “No.”

Mom: Who have you been waiting for all night

Little 1: “Uncle The Boy and Aunt Meaghan”

Mom: Well that’s them!

Little 1:”No.”

Mom: “Yes it is. That’s them – can you go and give them a hug and say hi?”

Little 1: (After thinking about it for a minute) “Oh! Uncle The Boy and Aunt Meaghan! I’ve been waiting for you!”

2.  While sitting on the couch shortly after arriving and being introduced to Little 2:

Little 2: “Aunt Meaghan.”

Me: “Yes Little 2”

Little 2: “I love you.”

Me: “Oh! That’s so nice I love you too!”

Little 2: “Okay”

3. Our wake up call:

After 5 minutes of listening to Little 1 call out “Uncle The Boy, Aunt Meaghan. Uncle The Boy, Aunt Meaghan” I opened my eyes at 8am to find her standing beside our air-mattress in the basement.

Little 1: “Mommy and Daddy said they’re still sleeping so you need to make me breakfast”

Me: “Oh, did they.  What would you like for breakfast Little 1?”

Little 1: “Um. I don’t know.”

Me: “Well you decide and then come back and let me know.”

Little 1: (After considering for a good minute) “Aunt Meaghan, I should have Fruit Loops because they’re my favourite”

Sounds like a good reason.  I got up and made her breakfast.


Next weekend the Boy is away.

The weekend after that we’re back at the in-laws (hehe) for some Christmasing .

The weekend after that we’re decorating and tree cutting.

The weekend after that it’s Christmas.

Falalalala indeed!

What funny things has a little said to you recently?

A new little person and a head cold

Do you remember BFF Kristyn?

Do you remember how she was nearly 7 months preggo on w-day?

She was a bit nervous that the dress would be too short but no dice.  She looked beautiful.

See.. (she’s the one on the right… with two flowers in her hair – one for each of them)

Well that little baby is here. I’ve seen the pictures.  It’s a beautiful baby. But there was never any doubt.

There’s just two small problems.

1. It’s a boy.  (Okay, fine. This is not actually a problem.  It’s quite the opposite in fact. It’s wonderful! It’s what all of the family members thought it would be.  They were on team boy through and through. It’s just not the team that I was on. I have no problem with boys.  Love them! They are so funny and cute and adorable. I love that he’s a boy. It’s truly wonderful. Love love love it.)

I knit for a girl. I was really really sure it was a girl. Which is annoying because I said it was a boy at first. But then… I changed my mind. I threw my gut instincts aside and switched teams (haha). I based my knitting decision on two factors:

a. BFF Kristyn was really sick when she first found herself responsible for growing a human. I based my mind change on the theory that there was too much estrogen in her system. Clearly, I was wrong.  I accept that.

b. There are so many cute things to knit for girls.  Teeny tiny dresses. Teeny tiny sweaters. Adorable.  One thing that I knit I kept gender neutral – or I think so anyway, we’ll see what the new little boy’s dad has to say I guess.  I finished sewing in the ends the night before the new little boy’s birthday. I have yet to talk to BFF Kristyn but I’m going to go ahead and assume that she started feeling contractions around 8pm on Friday night.  The knitting was ready. It’s an unspoken  The other little knitterly thing…. it’s girly.  Really girly.  And that is the only reason why this new beautiful little person being a boy is a problem. Not that the world will come to an end if a stranger on the street mistakes the new little boy for a little girl, but c’mon, who gives the new little boy a little girly sweater?

I told you – problem 1 is not a real problem – it just means I knit more. Good thing I like to do that.

2.  Problem 2 is the real problem.  I’m sick. 

BFF Kristyn’s unborn baby and I had a deal. I would go to Florida and he would either be born before I left, or camp out for another week until I got back. I figured it was only fair, he wasn’t due for another 10 days after we arrived back home AND I live spitting distance from the hospital. He kept his end of the bargain. He hung out as an inside baby for another full week after we got back.

He’s a good baby.

I on the other hand got sick.  Not gross sick. Just cold sick.  I sound like a man and that’s sick enough that it’s not cool to go and see a new baby and even less cool to go see that new baby’s new mom and dad. (Let’s face it the new baby’s got an immune system like gangbusters but his new sleep-deprived parents do not.)

So here I sit. Longing to squeeze and love the new baby. But I can’t. I am homebound… with the exception of work…  and a Shred Kelly show tonight. Okay, so not homebound – just in no baby zones.


I’m left to do the only thing I can think of which is send a big congratulations to BFF Kristyn and her hubs John and a big Blogosphere WELCOME to their new little baby boy. I am doing all I can to get well so the Boy and I can come and meet you super soon.



It was close but we made it

That’s what my Dad likes to say any time we arrive anywhere, but last week it was true… it was close but we made it.

To Florida.  Last week was our annual week of retirement living. And we almost didn’t make it.

It started like all good stories do – with travel from a land far far away, by multiple modes of transport.

In order to get to our 4:00pm flight the Boy and I left our apartment at 12:00pm drove to my Nanny’s condo, parked the car, took a taxi to the bus station, took the 1:15pm  airport express bus to the airport, took the monorail from terminal 1 to terminal 3, took several moving sidewalks, elevators and escalators. Then we checked in, and waited in line for customs… and that’s where our story got interesting.

For those of you that know the Boy or have gotten to know him through the blog it will not surprise you that he’s not a great traveler. He likes to travel, in theory, he hates getting there and he won’t plan it.  There’s a reason I didn’t leave “planning the honeymoon” up to the Boy.  He hates the crowds, the waiting, the lines and because he won’t plan it he does not have the travel itinerary in his email or in his brain so he insists on asking me about a million times – When are we going? What airline? What time? Do you have everything? Do you have my passport? Did you put scissors in your carry-on? Are you sure you didn’t? Can you check again? And so on and so on.

So when we got to the customs line and it was winding it’s way around the crazy line maze the Boy started getting nervous.

Approximately 2:00pm

The Boy – “What if we don’t get through in time?”

Me – “Stop worrying, we have LOTS of time!”

We waited and slowly made our way to the front, eavesdropping on whiny children fighting over the window seat.

We made it to the front. We explained that we are married but since we still have different last names we weren’t sure whether to fill out one customs form or two (for future travelers – you fill out one per household). We gave our passports, we answered where we were headed. I was given the clear.  The Boy was told that there was some information they needed that was not available on the passport so he would need to come with them.

They took the Boy’s passport.

I was confused.  I wasn’t planning on going far, I wasn’t planning on going any further at all actually, but it is customs so I didn’t know if I was able to go with him or not so I asked, and our friendly agent said, “You’re married right?” Me – “Yes” Him – “Well then you can come with him.”  I mention this because we didn’t have anything that said we were married – apparently your word is all the U.S. customs needs… almost.

We went and sat in a room to the side of the customs line and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Until a new customs agent and his friend came and spoke with us.

They addressed the Boy and he stood up.

Agent 3 – “Daaaaamn man! You are TALL!”


Agent 2 asked the Boy to confirm his birthday, his height, his weight, his hair colour, his eye colour, and whether or not he had travelled outside Canada or the United States in the last 10 years.

Then he told us that there is someone with an outstanding warrant, who has the same last name, and birthday as the Boy.  So we would need to wait until they could confirm that this Boy was not the Boy they were looking for.


We waited.

And waited.

And waited.

They came back. They assured us that the Boy’s height would likely help the situation, they couldn’t tell us what this mystery man is wanted for they just continued to tell us that they couldn’t let us go until they confirmed with Washington that he wasn’t who they were looking for.

They asked to go through his bag.

A quick look and it became increasingly apparent that the customs agents were going through the motions and while they weren’t able to let us go – they didn’t think that the Boy was the boy they were looking for.

It was 2:53.

We asked how long we would have to wait. We were told that they had to wait to receive a clearance call from Washington. They couldn’t let us go until they got the call but they expected it would only be about 20 minutes.  We asked if we would miss our flight.  They said they hoped not, we were only 10 minutes from the gate and they would do everything they could to get us there but they couldn’t let us go without the call.

At 3:25 we heard the phone ring.

Agent 3 came out again.

They took my passport.

At 3:30 we got a thumbs up and a new agent brought us our passports and boarding passes and thanked us for our patience. He took us through customs got our bags dropped on the conveyor and wished us a good flight.

The Boy went to drop off his golf clubs and that helpful person, while staring at our boarding pass asked “What time is your flight?”

Boy – “4:00”

Helpful baggage guy – “You’ve got to go! You’re really late!”

Boy – “Yeah, I know!”

Golf clubs dropped off we practically ran to security.

Shoes off and running through without a scissors incident.

We ran to the very last gate – 3:37pm we arrived just in time to hear the announcement “We are now starting pre boarding for the flight to Fort Myers Florida.”

We made it.

I’m pretty sure the whole ordeal took at least 6 weeks off the Boy’s life for the stress of it all.

It was close. But we made it.

*The best part is we’re still not clear on what will happen the next time we try to go state-side.  The customs guys only advice… “leave lots of time”


Halloween Babies

The Boy and aren’t really the dressing up type.  Sure there was that one year where we went as Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Sista, BFF Kate and I in bear hats, tails and regular clothes and The Boy is a beautiful dress, and blonde wig…. but that was a long time ago.

It’s not news to anyone that Halloween has gotten increasingly slutty over the last number of years.  Take that year for example, we thought our costume was pretty awesome, 6’8″ Goldilocks? C’mon that’s awesome.  But the winner at the bar that night was “dressed” as Eve, as in Adam and.  She wore a nude bodysuit with strategically placed leaves.  She looked completely naked.

This year we didn’t do anything. We didn’t give out candy (we weren’t home and at our apartment we don’t get many little ones anyway).  We came home last night and The Boy was checking his Facebook, and here’s what he had to say on the matter.

Boy – “I think I’m getting old.”

Me – “Why?”

Boy – “It used to be that I’d check my Facebook after Halloween and there would be all kinds of pictures of slutty looking girls.  Now, there’s nothing but babies….. When did this happen?”

I don’t know buddy…. I don’t know.

This has been another episode of Things the Boy Says.