Is everyone else this busy?

The Boy and I have been home from Florida for a little over two weeks. It occurred to me when we were there that all of our weekends were accounted for until January.  For reals.

I know ’tis the season and all that jazz but seriously? This is crazy.

Part of the busyness is because The Boy is coaching again this year, and his two weekend away road trips both happen to be in the first half of the season.  Part of it is because Christmas is coming and we’ve got some pre-Christmas stuff coming up.  And part of it is because we’re just so popular. Ha! Just kidding.

This weekend was going to be our only nothing weekend before Christmas but plans changed when The Boy’s brother and family made an unexpected trip East home.  They’re living in the land of milk and honey Alberta and made a trip back before their little one turns two and is full price on the airplane.

Needless to say with the littles (ages 3 and 2) living on the other side of the country we don’t know them terribly well.  We’ve only seen them three times and twice respectively but they are blog worthy because a. they are our only nieces, b. they are two of the most loving kids I have ever met and c.  we used our new camera. 😛

I give you little 1

This little likes to pose for the camera

and little 2

This little likes to grab the camera - pose not so much.

Funny things we heard this weekend:

1. When we arrived on Friday and were greeted at the door by Little 1, the following conversation happend:

Little’s mom: “Do you know who these guys are?”

Little 1: “No.”

Mom: Who have you been waiting for all night

Little 1: “Uncle The Boy and Aunt Meaghan”

Mom: Well that’s them!

Little 1:”No.”

Mom: “Yes it is. That’s them – can you go and give them a hug and say hi?”

Little 1: (After thinking about it for a minute) “Oh! Uncle The Boy and Aunt Meaghan! I’ve been waiting for you!”

2.  While sitting on the couch shortly after arriving and being introduced to Little 2:

Little 2: “Aunt Meaghan.”

Me: “Yes Little 2”

Little 2: “I love you.”

Me: “Oh! That’s so nice I love you too!”

Little 2: “Okay”

3. Our wake up call:

After 5 minutes of listening to Little 1 call out “Uncle The Boy, Aunt Meaghan. Uncle The Boy, Aunt Meaghan” I opened my eyes at 8am to find her standing beside our air-mattress in the basement.

Little 1: “Mommy and Daddy said they’re still sleeping so you need to make me breakfast”

Me: “Oh, did they.  What would you like for breakfast Little 1?”

Little 1: “Um. I don’t know.”

Me: “Well you decide and then come back and let me know.”

Little 1: (After considering for a good minute) “Aunt Meaghan, I should have Fruit Loops because they’re my favourite”

Sounds like a good reason.  I got up and made her breakfast.


Next weekend the Boy is away.

The weekend after that we’re back at the in-laws (hehe) for some Christmasing .

The weekend after that we’re decorating and tree cutting.

The weekend after that it’s Christmas.

Falalalala indeed!

What funny things has a little said to you recently?


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