Practice Practice Practice

Throughout the W-day planning process I had one goal in mind.  Enjoy it.  Enjoy everything, the planning, the craziness, but most importantly the day. To keep myself sane, my mantra became “at the end of the day we’ll be married – that’s all that matters.”

BFF Kate, Me, BFF Kristyn and still inside Baby Boy Logan!

A big part of enjoying not just W-day but the events that lead up to it was scheduling the rehearsal 1 week and 1 day before. I figured, I’m only doing this once, I want to enjoy every part of it and that includes the rehearsal and it means going to bed at a reasonable hour the night before (which of course didn’t happen but what can you do?)

The other part, almost our entire wedding party was from out of town, and HALF of them were teachers. That means having the rehearsal on the Friday night after the first week of school – not going to happen. Never mind their obvious exhaustion, they’d have to GET here first.

Nope. The week before was the way to go and if I were to do it again (not going to happen) I would DEFINITELY stick with that plan.

I worked until noon on Friday (bad decision – should have just taken Friday off), and went from work straight to my make-up trial, home, madly wrapped thank you gifts, off to get my nails done, RAN

Sista and Dad

home for a quick change and off to the church.

Needless to say I still did not learn that lesson I kept ignoring the whole way through – I didn’t eat.  AGAIN! I’m such a good learner.

The Boy and his Mom

The church part was truly indicative of the real deal – completely relaxed.  Fr. Joe made not only us but our whole w-party feel comfortable with the whole deal.  We practiced some of our lines, but not everything we had to save that for the day zero.

Some things we didn’t practice – ushering.  We didn’t really go over what the boys were supposed to do when they greeted people on the day. It’s not a huge deal, everyone got there afterall – but when we looked at the pictures later it became apparent that they didn’t actually seat anyone and the right side of the church looked super empty.  Silly boys. So my rehearsal advice to any brides out there – practice even the things that you assume are a given.  They are not.

Post church, we packed up and went to a Oakland Hall a local restaurant, for what we were told would be “plenty of appetizers” and drinks.  It was not.

The food was delicious but there was by no means “plenty” of it – this did not help my lack of eating situation.  There was plenty of wine – there always is!

Bride's Family

When we were booking the rehearsal dinner the owner told us, “Everyone says the best part of their wedding was the rehearsal dinner.”  This I informed him was not actually helpful at 8ish weeks before w-day. A word to the wise – do not tell a bride that the part of the wedding that took all of 10 minutes to book is going to be the best part of the whole thing.  Not only is it not helpful – it wasn’t true.

Groom's Family

We had a great time at our rehearsal but here are 5 reasons why the real deal was WAY better:

  1. The food was way better and way more on w-day than at the rehearsal.  We were told that most parties go home with doggy bags from their appetizer rehearsal dinners at Oakland Hall – we did not.  Not even close.
  2. W-day is already paid for come the actual day, which means you can enjoy the night without getting a bill at the end of the night.  We were fortunate to not have to flip that bill but still – it’s nice to have it all taken care of before the actual event.
  3. W-day is longer and therefore more fun
  4. I know people say the rehearsal has the most important people, is more intimate and therefore better.  I disagree.  We genuinely wanted to celebrate with every single person that was invited to our wedding.  We loved our VIPs but w-day trumps rehearsal by the sheer number of people involved
  5. Dancing. Dancing. Dancing.  There was a great live performer singing at Oakland Hall during our “dinner” he was great, kept inappropriately adding the Boy’s and my names into songs and invited us up to accompany him on tambourine.  But there wasn’t a true dance floor.

W-day wins.

*Okay, I know Wedding Wednesdays and blogging in general has been a little lack luster lately.  Three words.  Thank You Cards.  Two more words. New Job. Three more words.  New Baby Knitting.  But all of these things are almost done. So I’m committing again to being back on track.  I’ve heard from my fans (read my mom and family) that I’ve been missed.  Wedding Wednesdays are back on!

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