The Week Before

We’ve already covered the day before the day before – when I interviewed for my now job.  Little stressful to say the least and this is not something that I recommend to future BTBs, that said it seems to have worked out so I guess it wasn’t that bad – perhaps even made me memorable.

The plan all along was to be completely done by the week before and max it and relax it all week-long.  I figured all of my help went back to school that week so I had no excuses for not pushing up my deadline by a week and having absolutely everything finished by the rehearsal dinner.  This obviously didn’t happen – no matter how much I try to trick myself into pushing up a deadline it never works.  As I type this it’s less than 2 weeks to Christmas and I am nowhere near ready.

What can I say.  I work to a deadline.  It’s part of my charm.

So what did I do the week before – all kinds of things that could have been done months before of course!

Details.  The week before was all about the details.

I created the final final final list for tables

The Boy did name cards

I picked up and delivered flowers for the cake

There was nearly a favour tag crisis when I thought they got lost in the mail – but they arrived and they looked AWESOME, and tasted delicious

(the truffles not the tags)

I also went for my check up at Sunnybrook – and got a clean bill of health pre-wedding. Went for my final dress fitting, alone (I do not recommend this either – though really thought nothing of it at the time). Welcomed my out-of-town family with delicious dinner.  Sent The Boy out to be sporty. I think he played golf twice and baseball twice in the week before – it was better that way really.

And last but certainly not least – set up the venue on the day before… more on that next week.

The lesson was, I was pretty tired the week before. It was all completely unnecessary and necessary stress. On the one hand how nice would it have been to not have to do all that stuff the week before. On the other, what would I have done with all that free time?

Gone crazy that’s what.


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