Do you remember WAY back in the day when I said, don’t worry Alyssa I haven’t forgotten you but I had to tell the Boy first?

Today is the day that mystery that I’m sure has been racking your mind ever since is solved.

The Boy and I spent Thursday night in our apartment – our last night living in sin. I had my parents car packed to the gils full of all things bar and all things décor. The Boy’s car was similarly packed up.  We got up early Friday morning, did a bit of a mad scramble to clean our apartment a bit, and headed out to the venue.

[*BTBs please note.  There will not be enough hours in the day the day before your wedding.  I’m sorry but it’s a fact of life. I ran my fool head off all day until about 6:30 when I collapsed into my bed at the hotel and tried to nap for 30 minutes – it didn’t happen of course my head was spinning with all the things I still felt I needed to do (most of which didn’t happen and it didn’t matter), then got up and kept going until about midnight.  Nonetheless, you too will likely run your fool head off too despite all warnings and plans to do the exact opposite. I read a lot of blogs where spa days were suggested the day before – nice in theory but in practice I went for manicure and it was not really that relaxing as I kept thinking about other things I could have been doing with that time…. But that’s just me.]

We unloaded, the Boy left to go golfing apologizing for leaving me with the complete set up but making the symbolic gesture that he would stay and help if I wanted him to.  I sent him on his way (obviously, gesture or no we all know he was going golfing) made a few more errands, dropping off hotel bags etc, and returned to the venue for full on set up.

My mom and I lived and breathed wedding for pretty much the full 10 months prior.  We had every detail down and in mind from baskets in the bathrooms to who was sitting where. So when it came to setting up it was all on her and I.  Of course the fact that all B-maids were either teaching, working, or still out of town the day before helped too but if you’ve ever planned a major event you will understand that in the time it takes me to explain to you what I need done – I could have done it myself… twice.

Luckily everything was packed and sorted prior to arrival so that it was easy to go through boxes and set up went really rather quickly.

And then, it happened. Enter Alyssa.

While we were in the midst of set up, a young beauty entered with what was presumably and later confirmed to be her father. We looked at them quizzically and asked if we could help them (there was no one from the actual venue there on the day before to help us or direct us, but the door was opened for us and everything was set up), Alyssa said she had spoken with  the owner  who had said Alyssa could come by and look at the venue as a possibility for her own up-coming wedding while we set up. She asked if it was okay that they look around.  Of Course! No Problem! The more the merrier, was of course my response as her and her dad looked around and commented on all the orange and gray details.

Alyssa asked how I had found working with the venue and I gave her my honest opinion which I have shared with everyone who has asked, and hold to this day now that everything is over and finished.  Waterstone Estate and Farm where our photos were taken and our reception was held is beautiful. Stunning really. It was the perfect venue for the country in the Boy and the “I don’t want to be in a dirt floor barn” in me. The staff at the venue were helpful, everything was taken care of as they said it would be (with one small exception of air-conditioning which I’ll get to).

However, and this is a big however,  the person you will meet with and deal with almost exclusively as far as the venue goes is a horse person not a wedding/event planning person. While everything was done as she said it would be her laid back attitude does not instill the most confidence in a tense and stressed out bride.  I like to claim that with the exception of a few meltdowns I was not a stressy bride and therefore this laid back attitude did not bother me – too much.  I held on to the firm belief that I was dealing with professionals and while I had only done this once, they do it every weekend – so the laid backness is due to the fact that this is turly no big deal to them. This was true for all of our vendors, not just Waterstone, but the difference was with other vendors they assured me with confidence that they had everything taken care of, there were forms to fill out and dates arranged ahead of time as to when we would meet again.  With Waterstone, while she was always very good at emailing me back right away I didn’t get that same feeling of confidence from her. So to some extent I was holding my breath until Friday morning when we came in and saw that everything was set upBut it was set up. And everything was fine. And she did come through on pretty much everything.  And I was happy.

If however, you are a high stress person and this laid backness would drive you crazy and cause you a major mental breakdown then… there are other equally beautiful places to hold your reception, go there.

Alyssa appreciated my candour and said that was similar to her experience so far. Then something happened that made my day.
Alyssa – “I’ve looked online for reviews and stuff but there isn’t much out there.”
Me – “Yeah, I know I think if you Google Waterstone Estate Review, my blog might be one of the first things that comes up”
Alyssa – “Oh My GOD! Are you The Twenties Roar?”
Me – “YES! Have you read my blog? Am I famous?”
Alyssa – “Oh My GOD! You are! You and the Boy! You’re getting married here tomorrow! I can’t believe I’m meeting you – I’ve read your whole blog from beginning to end!”

And then I died. Best. Wedding Gift. EVER!

I was so excited – we took a picture. Which I promptly saved to my external hard drive which is currently not working. BAH!

And in exchange for making me feel like a rock star the day before I got married – Alyssa joined an elite group of people that know The Boy’s first name. I mean how could I deny her that – and also, it was everywhere!

Sorry it took so long Alyssa but you seriously made my day.  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful holiday season, your last a single woman!  And let me know if you went with Waterstone or if my review took too long.


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  1. Meaghan – I have been following your blog for some time and this was such a great story! I found you when looking for wedding ideas – my only daughter is getting married in Sept/12 and I need all the help I can get – lol. Your wedding was beautiful and I love the way your write. Any advice for the mother of the bride is greatly appreciated too. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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  4. Hi Meaghan! I just found your blog, I am also getting married at this venue in 2 weeks and am stressed beyond belief! You are so right with the person that works here she is way too laid back for me and my controlling ways lol. Would you have any advice for me on this venue.

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