Oh Christmas Tree

I love Christmas. LOVE IT! I love all the traditions, I love finding the perfect something for every person on my list. I love the treats, I love the delicious meals. And not to get too sappy but I love the opportunity to take a little time out and spend some down time with the people I love the most.

I love the decorations and I love the tree. LOVE IT!

Enter, point of contention in the newlywed household.  Last year, you will recall the Boy and I got our very first Christmas tree together.  It was little but it was well loved. It may have been a bit of a Charlie Brown tree but it was our Charlie Brown tree and that counted for something.

This year, maybe it’s the rain, the unseasonably warm temperatures, the lack of fluffy white snow – the Boy has been a bit lacking in Christmas spirit and had the audacity to suggest that we forego the tree this year.  Forego? The tree? Are you cancelling Christmas too?  He tried to use his powers of logic –
“We aren’t at home for Christmas” – What is your point exactly?
“It’s so hot in our apartment the tree will be so dry by the time we get home and we don’t have a vaccum that works worth a damn – what a mess, let’s forget it.” – I’d rather not.
“I can think of other things we can spend the money on” – Saving is for suckers
“I can’t believe this is $25 for a tiny little tree!” – I could insist on a full size $80 tree if you prefer.

Since the name of the game is “I win” I being me – we obviously got a tree, though he did make me decorate it myself.


Last year in addition to our little tree, my lovely parents happily settled into their new home in the north went out hunting for a beautiful tree to grace their new high ceilings.  It was beautiful alright, but it nearly cost us the life of my dad as he is no longer 25 and should not be pulling a 12′ tree through 3′ of snow… by himself.  So this year in an effort to have the best of both worlds we all went tree hunting as a family.

I haven’t done this in a really long time. I actually can’t remember the last time we went to cut down a tree ourselves.  We used to do it every year, but somewhere along the line (I’m thinking probably when the siblings went to univeristy and there wasn’t enough people around to cut and carry a tree out of the bush) we stopped, and kept it real, but with lot or nursery trees. I may have forgotten how to dress for the activity, but we had a lot of fun, and the Boy may have found just a little Christmas spirit (although he’ll deny it to the end).

Tall and skinny, the perfect tree to get the festivities kicked off.

Are you ready for Christmas?

Is it just me or is the whole Christmas on a Sunday thing throwing everyone for a loop?


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