Things I missed – and Revisting 101 in 1001

I was thinking about 2011 for a few minutes the other day and checked in with my 101 in 1001 list (probably because of this post from Fumbling Toward Normalcy).  And realized that I was missing some things on my 101 list that I have indeed done, but not checked off and decided I needed to change some things on my list.

I know. Editing a 101 list is not in the rules of the game. But to that I have 4 arguments:

  1. It was my first 101 list and I can see the error in my amateur list making ways
  2. I’m not changing that many things
  3. Rules are made to be broken
  4. It’s my list and you’re not the boss of me.

Some of the things I have been doing in an ongoing way but because they are SO ongoing for the whole list – they’re no longer really a goal, and I’m missing the satisfaction of crossing things off the list. I like lists. But I like them purely for the ability to cross things off.

So I’m updating, and generally making my list a little more SMART – focusing on the Specific, Measurable and Timely portions. I’m just over halfway as far as the 1001 goes, but it’s really not specific enough.  I plead newbie, and rather than wait a year + to make a better list, I’m making it better starting now.

New recipes – this one was just silly of me, 1 new recipe a month? I use new recipes all the time! So I’m taking out the time frame of 1/month and upping the quota – 50 new recipes by the end of my list. That’s about 3/month which is totally doable, but I think basing the goal on a number instead of regularity I’ll get the best of both worlds and feel more accomplished.  Aside from the goal on the list I’m thinking posting about one of these recipes each month would be a good addition.

Purge – My brother packed up his house in December and moved and it made me come home and look at all the stuff in our apartment that we don’t use and what I would not want to pack when the time comes.  Also the Boy made a comment the other day about the number of cookbooks I have and I thought “You’re right.” I don’t use all of these… let’s get rid of some.  So I’m making it my goal to ruthlessly purge each room in our apartment.

Dates and phone calls with BFFs Kate and Kristyn.  To be honest, I think the 101 list helped with this initially it made me more aware of how long it has been since I spoke to or met up with each of these lovelies, but now I’m just better at it and don’t check it off a list every time I do it.  This is why I do not like these items any more and am replacing them with Be a Good Friend to Kate and Be a Good Friend to Kristyn goals.  That means, increasing my random acts of kindness not to random people (although that would probably be a good idea too) but to the people that are important to me. I haven’t quite decided what this means for each of them… but I think it’s going to be good.

Dates and phone calls with my Sista – again… I don’t need a list to talk to my Sista and calling her each week – she is crazy busy during the week and often exhausted by the time she gets home.  Sometimes, when you call the Sista and she’s just tired – she’s not so much with the talkative.  So I’m exing this one and adding a Be a Good Friend cluase, AND Plan a Sista date, we are both pretty indecisive but when we get together we have so much fun.  With boys and husbands I just want to make sure we still spend some time together.  So I’m putting it on the list.

Blog 3 times a week – so I’ve obviously fallen off the wagon with this bad boy. But I don’t like that because I’ve fallen off track I lose out completely on ever checking it off.  So I’m updating to reach 500 blog posts.

Tomorrow – an full update.  (I wrote the whole thing but OH MAN it’s too long!)

What do you think? Is this totally cheating?


One response

  1. I don’t think it’s cheating at all. I did this a few months ago and I’m about to go through it again. My feeling was that the point of the list is to do 101 things. When I made the list, there were things I wanted to do…but it’s been over a year and some circumstances have changed. There are some things that will be just impossible for me to do and others that I just no longer want to do. At the same time, I have new ideas of things that would fit into the list better.

    So I made the changes and it’s working out well. I think you made some really good changes.

    And I love lists simply because I like crossing things off them too.

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