Happy January 2nd!

Let’s recap shall we? The Boy and I generally feel like we’re never getting ahead, but this year I made him recap all the things that changed in 2011 to make ourselves really take stock of all that we accomplished in 2011 and all we have to look forward to in 2012.

So here it is The Twenties Roar, year in review.

Early January The Boy got The Interview we had been waiting for and is now officially an employed teacher.  He’s still daily supply but there are some Long-term-occassional positions on the horizon and we’re hopeful that one of these days he’ll get a call for a more permanent position.  Daily supply is working for us though for the most part.  He works probably 4 of 5 days not always the full day but somewhere which makes for a way better paycheque than grounds crew at the golf course – though he still did that this summer.  Good work Boy!

We spent the winter finding vendors and wedding dresses, and generally getting all the big ticket items checked off the list. I still had delusions of being completey finished by August.  Silly rabbit.

April we headed out to the great white West to celebrate my cousin Stacey’s wedding to her teacher man Paul.  Their wedding was beautifully them, and the happy couple’s spirits refused to be dampened by the foot of snow we woke up to that morning. Crisp white fluff – their pictures are beautiful! Since I had to conserve vacation days we only went out for a long weekend, but we were able to see BFF Kate and make a quick trip to Banff while we were there.  All around a great weekend as we inched closer to the big event in September.

May had me celebrate my last birthday of my 20s, and while I’m still thinking about a blog redesign I decided I could cut The Twenties Roar short – and resolved to see it out to the big 3-0 in 2012.

In June The Boy celebrated his big 3-0. Apparently we needed to do it all this year, and forced our friends and family to celebrate us constantly.  Just kidding.  We kept it fairly low-key with a baseball game (14 innings that I happily skipped) and a good ol’ fashioned roof top BBQ. Our friends are popping out babies like gang-busters so we made sure to include pregg0-friendly fair including eggless cesar salad dressing and avocado buttercream icing for cupcakes.   The Boy and I both sucked the big one when it came to gift giving for the big b-days, but made an agreement to not let that happen again!

In July JULY I applied for my now new job, I added a tinge of panic into w-planning that I would be starting a new job right before I got married.  Turns out no – just interviewing. We were also showered with a crazy amount of love over the summer, had engagement pictures taken, took in a concert, went on a tour of wine country, bachelor and bacheloretted, and started counting down the days.

September was obviously the big show. And it was awesome.  September 10, 2011 you will forever be my favourite day. We were surrounded by family and friends, we were a little nervous but mostly SO excited that it was finally here. And while they say that something goes wrong at every wedding… not true.  We had a perfect day. PERFECT.

The Boy and I spent the rest of September recoverring and most of October as well, but just after Thanksgiving I got to cross another thing off my list and started a new job. (This is what The Boy and I focussed on in our own 2011 recap – both of us with grown up jobs, outstanding progress I’d say!)

November we made our annual trip back to the sunny south, took in a boat ride and saw a ton of dolphins.  We may have nearly died twice on that trip (another story for another day) but what would a trip to Florida be without my life flashing before my eyes!  November also brought us the last of our new little babies for 2011, BFF Kristyn delivered one handsome little boy, and while I may have banked my knitting marbles on a girl – I wouldn’t change him for anything he’s so sweet!

December flew by, with renewed promises to increase my blogging time – (epic fail) and Christmas being on a Sunday, it threw the whole month into a bit of a tizzy.  But I got all of my Christmas knitting done not only on time but with days to spare.

2012, I’m looking forward to see what you have in store.  The Boy and I have some plans, not of the baby variety so calm yourselves.  We were saying goodnight to my parents last night and they said “2011 was a big one guys, maybe relax a little in 2012.” Sounds like a plan to me.

Some things I’m hoping are including in the recap of 2012:

  1. The Boy and I finally feel a little more financially sound – perhaps even have a plan!
  2. We are both incorporating a little more physical activity into our days
  3. We go on a honeymoon, or at least a trip by ourselves.
  4. We celebrate 3 more weddings that go as perfectly as ours did.
  5. We move
  6. We get a puppy.
  7. The Boy gets a full-time permanent contract… okay, I’ll take a long-term position too.

Finally, thanks for sticking with me loyal readers. I know things have been a little lax around here, but I’m going to stop appologizing for it and start typing! What can I say… I’ve been a little busy!

What have you got on your 2012 list?