The Countdown Counts Down…

The Countdown to 3:00 tick-tocked away, and it was time for both The Boy and I to get ready and get photographed.  Thanks again to West Photo – as promised a photo heavy post to make up for the missed week!

We both had some help getting ready.

The Boy had help with his tie

I had help with my shoes

The Boy posed by the window

And so did I.

The Boy was feeling a little nervous (and hungover)

I was too (nervous not hungover) – but my family heckled me to make sure I kept laughing.

The Boy hung out with his Boys

My Girls were still getting made up – so I hung out with the girls I always need most.

The Boy’s parents were ready to go

My parents were ready to go…. which meant

20 more photos with the car and we were ready to go!


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