When the Cat’s Away

The Boy has been out-of-town most of the week, and of course that means I miss him blah blah blah, but it also means I’ve had a few nights to do all the things that I want to do without answering to anyone.  Just sayin’ it’s pretty fun (for the short-term only – obviously!)

So to get your weekend started a list of things the mouse has been up to while the Cat’s away:

  1. Catching up on my shows. Do you know how exciting it is not to share the remote? It’s awesome! Parenthood. Glee. How I Met Your Mother. Whitney.  All in a row. No sports. Beauty.
  2. Cleaning. When the cat’s away – the mouse cleans. Cluttered spots. Fridge. Freezer. Pantry. Clean. Clean. Clean. It’s not that I need the Boy to go away to clean the clutter it’s just that it’s way more fun to do other things when there’s someone to hang out with.  Leave me in our apartment for the week – and I apparently go crazy, cleaning crazy.
  3. Vegetarian. 1 full week of completely vegetarian living. Apparently all I needed to get that bad boy crossed off my 101 list is for the meat-etarian to check out for half the week.
  4. I’m on my own schedule. Eat when I’m hungry. Go out after work without checking in. Work at my own pace.  As I type this the kitchen is a disaster because I’m in the middle of cleaning the pantry.  This would drive the Boy CRAZY. I can hear him now, “Are you done in there OOOORRRR what???” I’ll get there, but I was bored with cleaning up so I took a break. And that’s okay, because I’m by myself.  This leads me to reason 5.
  5. Being messy. Things aren’t put away to OCD standards.  Some might call it rebellion.  The Boy might use the word disaster (he’s so dramatic). I call it refreshing. There’s a pile of clothes that need to go in a bag to Goodwill that have been sitting on my living room floor for 2 days. Just because they can.

Now just to be clear,  (and so the Boy doesn’t read this and think I’m celebrating his absence, or go into a state of depression because he thinks I don’t miss him) I do miss him. Here’s how I can tell:

  1. I sleep with a pillow perpendicular to the head of the bed – substitute Boy.
  2. I’ve texted him SUPER random questions and facts – just because.
  3. I am of course looking forward to him coming home.
  4. I’ve been cleaning and organizing with him in mind – things are being put in spots. I flip between, he’ll be so impressed and he’s not even going to notice because things are neat and in spots and he only tends to notice if things are NOT neat and out of their spots.
  5. All the cleaning is being done now so I can spend Sunday with the Boy!

Good Luck Durham College Volleyball boys – Enjoy your time with the Boy.

And Boy – Can’t wait for you to get home, Love you!

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