A Video For BFF Kristyn

BFF Kristyn and I have been yogi-ing it up for 6 weeks. I don’t know about her but I’m starting to see a difference – I can upward dog now!

But one thing neither of us can get the hang of is Chaturanga.  I’ll admit it.  I belly flop.

So last night after a TRES HOT hot yoga flow I came home and I turned to Google. Yes, I know that watching a video is not going to give me the arm and core strength I need – but to be honest I feel better now knowing what I’m aiming for in the modified pose.

How many weeks do you think we need to put in before we can do this?

Week 12? 13 maybe? Totally realistic goal!



2 responses

  1. Thank you Meaghan, this was very helpful! I came home last night thinking some not very yogi thoughts about the chaturanga!! I have definitely been doing a belly flop all this time so next week i’ll have something to practice with the modified option!!


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