Pre and Post Snacks

Hey Blogosphere I need your help!

I just came back from another week of flopping to the ground in a sad attempt to Chaturanga with my hair once again not staying in a perfect ponytail. That I can handle. Kind of. What I’m struggling with is what in the world to eat pre yoga and post yoga.


A yoga class.

A yoga class. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So far I have been eating dinner post yoga, for fear of feeling too full while yogiing, and because yoga is at 7pm – a little early to have dinner made, eaten, and digested all before I leave at 6:30.  But this isn’t working for a few reasons. 1. I’m hungry during yoga and I’m thinking this is not helping my balance (sometimes I feel a bit nauseous even) 2. I don’t get home until about 8:45 and by then I find I’m either beyond hungry and pretty much skip on dinner, or I’m so hungry I could eat a whole antelope and by the time I’m finished making something and eating it’s 9:30 which = too late.

So give it to me peeps. What are your suggestions? I’ve tried having a small snack before, toast and cheese, dates and almond butter, or fruit. Yesterday I tried to spread out my snacks during the day and ate my afternoon snack a bit later in the afternoon. No dice really.

Hit me up with the ideal pre and post workout snack.

*Tips on perfect hair and miraculous chaturanga skills are also welcome.

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  1. Hi, I have been following your blog and am quite enjoying it! I came across it sometime ago and am interested in your Wedding Wednesdays since my daughter is getting married this Fall and was looking at doing barn, country things. Anyways, she has a wonderful friend who is into yoga and all things healthy – you must check out her blog and you should ask her about your pre yoga and post yoga food questions! The link is
    I think you two would have a lot in common!!!

  2. Last week I tried out that fantastic recipe you mentioned a while ago for veggie burgers – awesome, btw – and made a batch of 8 patties. Since we had 4 leftover, I left them rolled into little pattie balls, and stuck them in the freezer. This week, Nick had only 30 mins for dinner before he had to go out one night, so a couple hours before he got home from work, I pulled out the pattie balls to defrost on the counter, and as soon as he got home I pressed them into patties, pan fried them, and PRESTO – healthy, filling meal done in 5 mins. I also whipped up a quick guacamole to put on the burgers… Yum!

    Anyway, perhaps before going to the class, you could pull a pre-made pattie ball from the freezer & make some guacamole, so when you get home from the class, your meal is ready super fast… ?

  3. What if you ate a bigger lunch and then just a snack after yoga? Maybe that would work better. Or you could try cooking things in advance so you can just heat something up when you get home.

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