One More Week

This time next week, I’ll be Th… thhhh… thir… THIRTY. Can you believe it? I thought I’d spend this week doing what I do best, looking back and looking forward to figure out where I am. Looking back on The Twenties Roar, some highlights, some lowlights. Looking forward to…  the next decade (oh sure I could reveal the new title – if I had one!)

Looking back, I can’t help but think of why I started blogging in the first place. Basically, Sista told me to.

And what inspired the title and the tagline. It’s just such an exciting time! That was a direct quote from the Biz actually. She told me how exciting your twenties are, just as you finish school and start working, and start setting up your life. EXCITING RIGHT?! No. Wrong. Scary. Stressful.

I made plans about money.

I made decisions about how we would eat.

The Boy and I moved in together – he brought a green beer fridge. I brought chickpeas.

I knit.

I read.

I got engaged.

I planned a wedding.

Got married.

I made lists.

I progressed my career.

I wrote over 350 posts about it all.

And you know what? It was exciting. And in 20 years when I am talking to some girl in her 20s I will tell her – it’s such an exciting time. Because let’s face it – it is. Is it stressful? Yes. Is it frustrating when you’re trying to figure out what to do with the rest of your life, and when you ask people they say “Oh it’ll just come together.” Absolutely.

But at the end of the day, I’ll look back on the last decade as the one where I met my husband. Completed 2 degrees. Lived with my sister.  Lived on my own. Lived in and fell in love with my city.  Lived with the Boy. Got married. Learned to write. Learned to love writing. Learned to find my voice. Made lists. Crossed things off. Stopped drinking milk. Became a week-day vegetarian.  Brought meat back into my life. Went 6 months without sugar. Met my Naturopath. Stayed strong against peer pressure, and didn’t drink coffee, smoke a cigarette or pot. Learned to love the chickpea. Said goodbye to my first dog. Discovered Google Reader. Surprised myself with who I fell in love with. Learned to love the opportunity to be a little bit country. Confirmed the strength of my family. Over and over again. Cried a little and laughed a lot. Was hit on by homeless men, on multiple occasions. Was called Miss by known drug dealer. Became an urban farmer. Moved to Northern Ontario. The list goes on.
10 years ago was a long time ago, and the only regret I can think of is not starting to blog earlier. I’m really looking forward to having the next decade of my life completely documented.  To go through the next stage together, with a virtual support group that checks in with me regularly and whether you comment or not, I feel your love and love you right back.
Thursday, predicting the future – so I can laugh at how wrong I was when the future does what it wants.

2 responses

  1. You go girl! I’m 30 years ahead of you (can’t get my head wrapped around that one!). You made me smile and remember those crazy “roaring” 20’s. Have a fabulous birthday!!!!

  2. Thirty isn’t as scary as sixty is! Enjoy the new decade ahead of you…it’s even more fun than the last one! …. Well….maybe….!!

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