Happy Birthday to ME!

Do you like it? The big reveal? The Ginger & The Giant! It was a long, long, long, LOOOONNNNGGG process. But I finally made it here. To a blog name that is permanent. Has nothing to do with my age. Is funny (at least to me and everyone I’ve polled so far). Is reflective of what you’ll find here – stories about me (the Ginger) and the Boy (the Giant) <– Just in case there was confusion. But it was not without it’s challenges – picking a blog title – something I’m happy to say I’m NEVER DOING AGAIN! My family agrees.

So we started at The Twenties Roar. Which came to me in a vision on a sick day 3 years ago.

I thought about The Dirty Thirties, but was concerned about the type of readership I would attract, which doesn’t really concern me now – but I really do not want to attract creepy weirdos when there starts to be pictures of littles around here.

So I started taking suggestions. Some were better than others.

Brother suggested “The Twenties Used to Roar, But Now They Knit and Go to Bed Early” True. Reflective. Clever. But a little long I think.

Mom tried to be really helpful and probably offered me the most suggestions of anyone, but they were all incredibly long. She seemed to be getting confused between “Catchy Title” and “Long Descriptive Sentence Covering Every Aspect of My Life in One Shot” It’s easy to do I suppose.

Auntie Lou brought in the strongest contender – The Thirties Soar. Not going to lie. I liked it. The Boy LOVED it. He thought it would be GREAT to go through this process every 10 years. It hung around in the back of my head for a long time, but the aspects that kept it out of being the winner were:

  1. This process was really stressing me out and the thought of going through it again was enough to drive me batty.
  2. I looked up on rhyme dictionary to see if I could pre-plan the Forties title, and all I came up with was War. Snore. And Bore. Not ideal. BFF Kristyn suggested that The Forties War would work because by then I would have a house full of small children and feel like I was living in a war zone. Thanks Kristyn. But like I said there was just something missing.

I went through a series of days where I Googled song lyrics, “Taking the Long Way” “Steady as we go” “Celebrate we Will” The Boy’s two-cents – “these are all really sappy – but whatever you like, it’s your blog.” I agreed in my heart of hearts, and once I started searching to see if any of these were actually available I came across blogs that were indeed quite sappy and generally very Christian. Fine for them. But not me. The Boy was right.

His suggestion – “The Thirties Soar”

I went through another stage where I thought of things I like to do. And yet another where I looked around at things on my desk for inspiration. Shockingly these did not lead to good titles.

The Boy agreed – these were not good – “Go with The Thirties Soar”

I’ve recently started following The Healthy Ginger, and The Boy calls me a Ginger all the time especially when I’m doing something that he thinks is weird. So I started playing around with Ginger. Ginger Snaps was one – taken. Green Ginger another – not taken, but not really reflective of everything you’ll find here either.

And then it happened. I went out for tea with my mom (I should have known Chai Tea could only help the creative process) and I was telling mom my ginger thought pattern and she said “The Ginger and The Boy” and I said no, laughed and said “The Ginger and The Giant” she laughed too and then we moved on to some other topic.

But it stayed with me. I went home and told the Boy. He smiled. He liked it. 

“Better than The Thirties Soar?” I asked.

“Yeah. It’s permanent”

Agreed. Decision made.


12 responses

  1. Absolutely love it, Meaghan….and also agree you should definitely not stress yourself at the very tender age of thirty-nine (when you would have to choose the new blog name)….so Well Done! Auntie Lou loves it! Wishing you the best birthday so far! Xo

    • Thanks Auntie Lou – the thirties soar was a real contender but I’m envisioning a life of being surrounded by giants at some point. Longevity wins. Thanks again for all of your help and your support is SO appreciated!

  2. I’m a little late to this party…but first, happy birthday! Welcome to your 30s. I always thought it would suck…but it’s pretty awesome.

    And congrats on the new blog. I love the title and the design!

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