Happy Birthday to MOM!!

It’s Mom’s birthday today. So in celebration, I give you five fast things my mom taught me:

  1. How to knit. Even though I can’t go as fast as her (The Boy was once watching both of us knit and told me he thought my “sticks” might be broken) and I can’t figure out how she doesn’t take her hand off the needle – she still passed the love of yarn on to me. And that is awesome.
  2. A love of books. Seriously, is there anything better than teaching someone to love to read? It takes me to different worlds, let’s me learn new things. And that is awesome.
  3. A love of cooking – and more specifically cookbooks. I can envision the Boy and I having this argument for the next 50 years. But come on new books give you new delicious meals and treats to try and love. And that is awesome.
  4. Mother bear instincts. Mom loves her kids. Always. Even when they screw up. Even if they screw up big time. And Mom loves anyone her kids bring home be it a friend when you are 5 or a giant when you are 20. Unless of course they hurt you. Then watch out -she’ll hurt you. And that is awesome.
  5. A healthy relationship. I think my siblings would agree that while books and knitting and new treats are nice, the most important thing that Mom taught us was how to love your spouse and what to expect love to look like in return. She has shown us that arguing doesn’t get you very far and that just because the other person does something that drives you crazy doesn’t mean that you don’t love them. It’s okay to take time for yourself and it’s okay to take time away from your kids. And it leaves you with a life that is full and happy and a whole lot of fun. And that is awesome.

Happy Birthday to the greatest Mom I know. XOXO

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