I’m Still Looking Up

Just a quick little post.

First – thanks for your wonderful comments last week. I knew I wasn’t delusional Toronto stay action hands down does not count as a honeymoon. The Boy has been informed of is loss accordingly.

Second – I was yogiing last week (convinced I am getting slightly stronger btw) and the instructor played this song twice in the 75 minutes. And now…

I’m obsessed.

Of course it wasn’t my first time hearing it but something about trying to hold those warrior poses and holding the chaturanga while listening to the words “I won’t give up” and “God knows we’re worth it” just made me love it that much more. As a small aside that’s one of the things that I like about this yoga. The music. I’ve never done yoga with music before but this place always has a sound track going and not always filled with typical yoga tunes. Florence and the Machine yoga anyone? It is hard to dance with the devil on your back!

Anyway I thought I’d share my new fave. And get you in the mood for a wedding music post tomorrow.

What songs are you loving right now?

Any yoga soundtrack recommendations out there?

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