New Kitchen and Picking Paint

Thanks everyone for the love and congratulations on the new house! The Boy and I are basically ready to move now. Right now. This weekend. Well, maybe next weekend – actually the long weekend would work best.

Sadly we have to wait.  But in the mean time I we I (let’s be honest) am mentally preparing our new space.  But I’m at a loss.

I know it’s hard to pick colours etc when you a. don’t live there and b. haven’t made any furniture purchases yet. But come on, I’m a planner. And it’s exciting and fun to make plans.

I’ve consulted Pinterest and my BFF Sarah Richardson but I’m still left staring a reddish/brown cupboards and blah neutral backsplash and wondering what colour do we put on the walls?

Please keep in mind that the kitchen opens up to the eat-in area, which opens up to the living room.

The Boy and I keep going back and forth about when we should move in.  The big debate is – it’s a heck of a lot easier to paint an empty house than a full one.  But the more I think about it and the fewer inspired decisions that come my way – the more I think sooner rather than later might be the way to go.

Move in.  Live in it. And the inspiration will follow.

Any thoughts? Does this kitchen scream a colour to you? Am I just being blinded by my love of white cupboards? Are we crazy to think we’ll be able to pick paint colours before really moving in?

3 responses

  1. First of all, the kitchen is great! Second of all, what a hard choice to make choosing a color! I always like a soft buttery yellow in kitchens to make them a bright and cheery space, but that is a tough call!

  2. Meaghan – when we moved into our house I hired a colour consultant from Benjamin Moore. Todd thought it was silly yo pay $85 (I think) for help picking paint colours but I said that is about the price of painting one room wrong. Here is what we learned: all entrance-ways should be light in colour so they appear bright and welcoming, you can have fun with dining room colours and be dramatic and as for kitchens – you typically pull a colour from your counter-tops. And if your kitchen flows to the eating area – keep the colour the same for flow. And if you don’t like the colour of your counter-tops – it is a fairly inexpensive thing to replace. Good luck and enjoy!

  3. That kitchen is LOVELY! I absolutely love the granite counters. They are not too light or too dark. SWOON!
    Have you thought about painting the cabinets a lighter beige? Then you could do something more dramatic with the walls. While darker colors do make a space feel small, you could paint the back wall (with the window and sliding glass door) something dark and more dramatic/vibrant for contrast (a red? deep purple? moss green?). Then that color could complement whatever other color you use in the living room area (or accent colors you use to decorate in there).
    You could then leave the rest of the kitchen alone, or paint it a beige (or what I like to call “cappuccino” color) to offset the darker color.

    And now I’m babbling.
    What a fun project!!!!
    I can’t wait until our flippin’ condo is on the market and we can make a legit offer on a REAL home!!!!

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