Happy Halloween!

Gordon and Lamb Chop hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! And don’t worry they’re both here to save the day whenever needed.

Yes we did buy her a SuperGirl costume. Yes. We did underestimate her size and end up with a fat (furry really) dog in a little coat.
Yes we did buy another costume.

No.  She did not like it.

But alas, she is Wonder Woman and she does what the world needs.


An update on the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen? She’s great. Still cute.  Cries less. Loves her bed.  Still not a big fan of being left in the crate.  Slept through the night Friday and Saturday night – woke up once Sunday and up early Monday morning – of course. But since then she’s been sleeping through the night and minimal crying in the crate at bedtime – we’re such proud parents.

She’s very cuddley, when she’s not trying to eat your hair, your ear or generally biting your face.

FYI puppy teeth are SHARP!

People say that a puppy is good practice for a baby. I don’t really know who these people are – but I’ve been told, “people say it.”  Being a new puppy parent, I can say there might be some truth to that, but don’t think it’s really practice so much as foreshadowing.

The Boy is VERY fond of Gordon. He’s very protective of her, worries she’s going to fall off the couch and hurt herself.  Tells me frequently where she is in proximity to my feet so I don’t step on her.  When I do catch her while I’m walking and she goes sliding across the floor he says “you have to be careful! She likes to stay right with you!”


He says she likes me better – not necessarily true, but there is one difference between us.  I get up with her and the Boy does not.

Actual conversation after night 2 with puppy.

The Boy – I’m not a morning person

Me – I know.

The Boy – I don’t know how you do it

Me – What?

The Boy – get up with her at 4:30 and 5 in the morning.

Me – She needs to go out. And I don’t want my day to start at 4:30 while I listen to her cry for 2 hours, so I get up let her out play with her and then we have a nap for another hour or so.

The Boy – I know.  I can’t do it. I’m sorry, but I can’t get out of bed and get up with her.

Me – I’ve noticed.  I’m sensing some foreshadowing here.

The Boy – Are you? Good.  Me too – at least you won’t be surprised.

Here’s the thing about puppies, they’re pretty much sleeping through the night by about day 4. Maybe getting up once until Day 10. That is a small but significant difference between dog babies and human babies. I informed The Boy that while I am fine with getting up with our furry little puppy-child this should in no way be taken as solidifying our roles once we have little humans to take care of.  Babies do not sleep through the night by day 10.  And while I can handle a few days of sleepiness while we get our puppy acquainted with her new home – I am by no means prepared to take the night shift entirely by myself for any humans that may come our way. No dice my friend.

So while I don’t think that looking after a puppy is the same as looking after a baby – the saying is not without some truth.  We’re getting an idea of what battles may lie ahead – and since they also say to pick your battles – I guess Gordon is helping us man our  stations. 

Vegas Baby

I know.  I promised this yesterday. But instead of uploading photos I decided to cuddle a puppy instead.  Sorry.  It was Gordon’s fault.  Alas, earwax. Better late than never – here it is. My recap of Vegas that I wrote in the airport right before I nearly died on the plane. Enjoy.


Well I made it. It was close but I made it. BFF Kate’s birth was properly celebrated. We saw the sites. We made some friends. Some of us got to know those friends better than others – but of course that’s all I can say because what happens in Vegas – you know the rest.

My review? I’m really glad I was able to go. Some of my predictions came true – I am returning with a really nice head cold some kind of crazy desert disease that nearly killed me. But others didn’t – Vegas has a place for everyone, including introverted ginger knitters.

Overall I have to say that Las Vegas is a really strange city. I can see the appeal I guess, there is potential for great food, really fun shows, and it’s pretty friendly to anyone’s budget. The draw to come back again and again? I don’t really get that. The Boy hasn’t been, so I can see us making the trip again eventually – unless there’s a boy that actually follows through on their bachelor party plans. But if/when I come back again I would do things a little differently. Specifically, more day trips. Hoover Damn and the Grand Canyon would be tops on my list, there’s only so many souvenir stores one can go into and the lime light of Vegas only really starts after dark. So why not get out of the city during the day and take in the city life at night. Sounds like a plan to me.

That’s not to say I didn’t have fun, some highlights:

Red Rock Canyon Conservation Centre. I think this tops my list, we drove out and went for a hike. The escarpment is beautiful and as I said it was nice to get out of the city – a definite must see.

Zumanity. My first Cirque du Soleil show and it was full of “sexy naked people” it was really impressive and a lot of fun. If you’re going to the city definitely see at least 1 show. And if you’d like to be invited into a orge, or eat a banana from a man’s crotch – sit in the front row! My favorite part was the middle-aged married people who were all touchy with each other after the show as they shyly checked out corsettes and massage oil in the gift shop afterward.

Free drinks. I couldn’t tell you what a drink in a night club costs, because none of us paid for one. Wine with dinner – sure. What Vegas must cost a group of boys is mind-blowing to me, being a girl rocks.

The gluttony. From huge over the top hotels, 4 floors of M&Ms parafenalia, statues of liberty made entirely of jellybeans, and lots of really fake boobs, Vegas truly has it all. You really need to shut off your sustainability brain and give into it or it will drive you crazy. It’s ridiculous – adults Disney Land. And it must be embraced for the short time you are there, but seriously Vegas would it kill you to throw a recycling bin into the mix?

One thing I really didn’t do? Gamble. For a couple of reasons, first and foremost I’m not a winner. I don’t win things. I don’t assume I’ll win, I never do. So the idea of giving someone my money to see if I’ll win seems silly to me. Why don’t I just take that money and buy a pair of shoes. Then I’m gaurenteed to win. I’ve won a pair of shoes. The second reason is the smoke. You can smoke absolutely anywhere with the exception of the elevator and the airport. And it is gross. It hurts my lungs and my eyes and I have absolutely no desire to hang out in a smokey room and give someone money for the thrill of being there. I had intentions of giving Black Jack a try or maybe even Craps, but I couldn’t do it. I put in $1 in a penny slot machine. I got up to $2.10 but played until I lost it. It was not that fun. And it hurt my lungs.

So that’s it. I did some power shopping – got the Boy some new clothes and a few things for me too. But by the time Sunday came it was time to go home to my new house and my new bed and The Boy.

Happy Burthday Kate – hope you had a great trip! XOXO


Back with a BIG annoucement

So I wrote my Vegas recap post in the airport last week.  Then I got on the plane and broke out in a fever.
Not good.
I was off for 2 days sick, went back on Wednesday and had to leave early and be driven home (which is now a 7 minute WALK away) because I was super dizzy.
The rumors have started spreading.  Sick for a couple days? Fever? Dizziness? You know what everyone is thinking.

So I’m here today to make the big announcement and set the record straight.

It was confirmed last night.

We’re going to be parents.

To a little one named Gordon.


She cries a lot.  Her Dad the Boy who is a especially GIANT to her is delusional and thinks she’s going to sleep through the night.

But Gordon and I know he’s wrong.

We’re a family of 3 and loving it!  She even helped with this post. Mostly by standing on the laptop, digging in my lap and chewing my fingers.

But helping none the less.

Tomorrow… Vegas. I promise.