I got a new haircut recently. This may not seem blog worthy – especially for someone who’s blog posts are as limited and sporadic as mine seem to be these days months.

I’ve got 2 reasons. 

  1. I now have bangs.  I have never had bangs before.  Never. I always thought my face was far to round for bangs.  That and I do not have a fivehead, that is a forehead that is large enough to REQUIRE bangs.  Turns out the round face is not an issue. And so I mention it because I have had this conversation with fellow round-facers who have reacted with “ME TOO!!” when I have said “I’ve never had bangs because my face is too round” They’ve all be very surprised I was able to pull it off.  As was I.  So as a public service announcement to all the round-facers of the world – I’m letting you know – I have bangs
  2. The Boy’s reaction. Let’s face it – we all know that when the Boy says something entertaining it needs to be documented.

I picked him up from work with my fresh new haircut. He got in the car (knowing full well that I needed the car that day so that I could get my haircut)

Boy – “It’s SHORT!”

Me – “Not really.”

Boy – “It’s different. It’s really different. What’sgoingon? It’sreallydifferent. Isitshorter?It’snotshorter? It’snice.It’sreallydifferent.Whatisit?” (his short outside voice questions got quicker and quicker as he tried to process what this GREAT change was he was looking at)

Me – “it’s bangs”

Boy – “It’s BANGS!!!”

Me – Yes.

Boy – You’ve never had bangs!

Me – I know.

Boy – Like never.

Me – Nope. Never.

Boy – BANGS!

Me – Okay, we’ve established it’s bangs – what do you think.

Boy – It’s different!

Me – Is that a Boy code for I don’t like it/think it’s weird but I’m being polite kind of different? (this is a real thing for the Boy FYI)

Boy – No. It’s just really different.

He then proceeded to stare at me while I was driving us home.

Boy – I like it.  It looks good. 

Another long pause while he processed this drastic change I’d brought to our lives.

Boy – You look like you belong on TV!


Nice save buddy.

One response

  1. I love the “you belong on TV” comment. Is he referring to Zooey Deschanel? She is a famous bang-haver and is on TV.
    The bangs really suit you. I didn’t realize that round-facers were maybe not supposed to have bangs, but I was told by my mother when I was a child that I would *always* have to have bangs because my forehead was so big. So, yeah. I grew them out when I was fourteen and have never had bangs since. Hah. Take that, mom.

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