Meal Planning -Week 1

True to my word I started meal planning this week.  The Pinterest inspiration that I saw involved colour coded cue cards in 10 different colours for 10 weeks of meal plans.  There was a grocery list attached to the top, so in theory one would just have to grab a stack head out to the grocery store and one would be set for the week.  This would work swimmingly if one was, a. Martha Stewart or b. Crazy OCD like the Boy, or c. actually devoted an weekend to planning 10 weeks of meals, printing them on colour coded cue cards, printed out the corresponding grocery lists and then displayed them beautifully for their esthetic beauty and to be showy about how ridiculously organized one was.
I am none of these things.
So I thought I’d start small, one week at a time.  I have done this before, but the lovely Pinterest post did highlight one small detail for me – save the lists.  Brilliant.
Week One was done on the fly while the Boy was in the shower 10 minutes pre-grocery shopping.
I grabbed everything from some of (mostly one of) my favourite veggie blogs – ran through what we had already in the fridge (nothing) and in the pantry (surprisingly a lot) and off we went. The only item we’re short – I didn’t buy enough Basil which will require a grocery stop tonight. No biggie.
It’s Friday and so far we have been pretty good. The Boy nixed the warm quinoa salad, claiming not to like it even though he’s had it before and definitely did like it. Instead he made pasta and red sauce, a la Boy. But at least he was funny about it…

The Boy Cooks

For those that may be following along, I give you Week 1.

Week 1:
Lunches Soup – Carrot Ginger and Apple – Oh She Glows

Cheesy Hummus – Oh She Glows
5 minute No Bake Peanut Butter Bars – Fannetastic Food  – I make these with Sunflower butter so that the Boy can take them to school – I also added mini chocolate chips so that the Boy will consider them a treat, and not some “crunchy good for you thing I’m trying to pass off as a granola bar”
Sundried Tomato Pesto Pasta – Oh She Glows – yummy, quick and easy.
Warm Quinoa Salad – Oh She Glows
Steak, Sweet Potatoes and Veggies – a la Boy
Loaded Baked Potato Soup – Peas and Thank You –  I made this last night and after taking another look at the ingredients – 1 cup of cheese into the pot, plus more on top? That is loaded. I don’t think so Mama Pea.  I skipped the 1 cup mixin’ and just added someme shredded on top. I’ll be sure to report back.
Lentil Loaf – Oh She Glows –  I make these in mini-loaf pans, then we can have 1 each for dinner and the other 8 go in the freezer for lunches (mostly mine – the Boy generally takes leftovers from dinner the night before) – but since we didn’t make it through all the recipes this week, I’ll probably push them over to next week.

and thrown in at the last minute –
Pasta and Red Sauce with left over steak chunks and veggies – a la Boy

8 responses

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you’re reporting on this! I start back to work on Monday after a year off for Mat leave, and wow, time is at a premium now! Plus, now that I’m feeding a one-year-old I’m über conscious of all the ba food decisions we make on a regular basis. Hoping to do some better planning for us PRONTO! 🙂

      • I’ve found soup in the fridge to be my saving grace so far. One pot goes sooo far when you’re feeding 2 people (or 2 people and a very little person). Plus it’s really cheap and easy. Win-win-win. I take a medium size mason jar to work (about 500ml) and it’s good for 2 lunches, which is two less lunches to pack each week. Bonus.

  2. Pete and I both enjoyed this post and Boy’s response about the (delicious, I’m sure) quinoa salad. That guy. What a guy. Also, I’m going to steal some of these recipes.

    • I made it last night. He said “oh yeah, this one’s not bad. Pretty good actually.” I reminded him that was his exact reaction the last time I made it, he said “Meaghan, you know I can’t keep track of these things.”

      • You need to record these conversations. I often threaten to do this.
        I made the lentil loaf the other day, but I added bacon. I probably shouldn’t add bacon to vegan recipes but I had extra bacon leftoever from my pea soup and I just can’t waste bacon. Anyway, it was pretty yummy and my mom looooved it. Oh She Glows has a lot of great recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dear Meaghan—you are awesome. I love that you are doing this!
    I laughed out loud when reading the text message “No thanks:)”–
    Too funny!!!

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