Obsessive Knitting

I’ve had a little unscheduled hiatus from knitting. It wasn’t planned, I just found myself exhausted after work and more interested in cuddling a small puppy face who was more interested in eating the eknitting than sitting nicely and letting me multitask (cuddling + knitting = best of two really great worlds).

The puppy is getting bigger and after much success with puppy school I have found myself able to multitask once again with knitting and making her practice “leave it”

And I’ve become obsessed.

I have multiple projects on the go of course, like any sensible knitter, but instead I found myself starting something new. And starting something big.

A sweater.

Not just any sweater. A Tanis sweater. A sweater I’ve been obsessing about since I first saw it online. A sweater I have the pleasure of knitting in Tanis Green Label Aran weight yarn.

And I’ve become obsessed.

Maybe it’s because I’m doing the back, which is largely plain stocking stitch, and is super quick with this chunky yarn. Maybe it’s because I have been obsessing with it for well over a year, should I knit it, shouldn’t I knit it. Maybe it’s because it’s cold outside, and I would like nothing more than to wrap myself up in this lovely warm sweater. Maybe with jeans. Maybe with jeggings (my other new obsession).

Yes, that’s probably it. The gratification of a big project is delayed – big projects take more time of course. But it’s so great when they’re done that they make me obsessively power through.

My prediction, Gordon is going to be very good at “Leave it” by the time I’m wrapped in the warmth and squishyness of Green Label.

Maybe if she’s lucky I’ll have just enough left over for her….. maybe, but not likely.

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