Urban Gardening – Pots + Plot

The Boy and I had an AWESOME long weekend.  One of the big plusses of this summer – no weddings.  Don’t get me wrong. I love a good wedding.  I have happily attended all of the weddings we’ve been invited to.  We’ve gone to events, and strongly support the “what goes around comes around” mantra (in life and in weddings).  When it was our turn – we appreciated each and every person who took the time out of their weekend to come and celebrate with us. But I think we can all agree – when almost every weekend of your summer is scheduled by either a friend’s wedding or wedding related event – it gets a bit much.  That was our summer last summer… we have been rewarded with no weddings this summer. What goes around comes around.  I’m a bit disappointed – I do love a good wedding, but mostly it’s just awesome to get to live by our own schedule.

And that brings us to the first long weekend and the official kick off of summer – Victoria Day.  She was a beauty. We golfed, we golfed again, we had dinner with the siblings, and we planted our garden.

That's some nice dirt.

This year we’ve got not only 9 pots, but a plot that we lovingly plowed and tilled. We’ve added A LOT of dirt and manure to try and turn our concrete rocky patch to a high yield local urban farm.

The ability to grow on land instead of a pot gives us a couple of bonus – mostly in terms of squash. Squash and melons grow along the ground.  A few years ago the Boy and I learned – they don’t grow so well in a pot.  Fingers crossed.

So what do we have?

16 pepper plants

8 broccoli

4 eggplant

4 red cabbage

a row of carrots (from seed)

1 fairytale pumpkin

1 sugar baby watermelon

Green and Yellow Zucchini  (seed)

6 tomatoes – 3 varieties – 2 in pots, 4 in ground

green beans (seed)

garlic (seed)

potatoes (seed – in ground and I think we’ll use the potato bag as well)

onions (seed)

basil x 2 varieties







We looked for butternut squash or acorn squash but couldn’t find either… next year.  We also had the BRILLIANT idea that we should plant beets – because they’re so delicious.  That thought was about 2 hours too late…  Next year.

Our plot is about 15’x 10′ according to the Boy.  According to me – 12’x8’…. but who’s counting.  We have a couple of new challenges with in ground planting.

  1. We have 3 Walnut trees that are behind our garden.  This is mildly concerning since a lot of plants won’t grow near a Walnut tree.
  2. We have 3 Walnut trees and a bunch of other trees around our garden.  One word – shade. Versus four words – Vegetables like full sun.
  3. Our backyard is North facing.
  4. We have animals.  While Gordon is on a leash when she’s in the back, the neighbours dog and the neighbourhood foxes, bunnies, raccoons, and squirrels are not.
  5. Rain. Yesterday it POURED.  Turns out the drainage of our little plot – not the greatest.

In regards to all of these concerns we say – meh.  Our urban farming philosophy has always been, if it works, it works; if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

The Boy is blissfully optimistic.  Optimistic but was out in the rain last night trying to improve the drainage.

If it works, we’ll have enough veggies for the entire neighbourhood. All at once.

Hopefully the Boy is right – but I’m also hoping our best harvest isn’t left to the neighbourhood animals when we’re away in the summer.

Fingers crossed.

marigolds are good tomato partners

What are you growing this year?

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