Peace of mind for those that are far

It has come to my attention through the grapevine that while updates are great – seeing is believing. I should have known better – always add a picture is rule #1 of blogging.

First, I can tell you that Mom’s hemoglobin is up to 106! This is great news it means she’s not bleeding anymore and in fact is making her own hemoglobin.  The drug she is on to stop the bleeding is a wonderful thing.

They are still going to give her radiation on Tuesday to make sure everything stays on the up and up.  And if all stays on track, Wednesday will be her first chemo treatment.

They are going to try her on fluids again to see how she does, hopefully it’s okay since that will get her one step closer to home.

Now for a short gallery…

This is what 41 years of marriage looks like…

41 Years

Mom has a room now – so nice to be out of the holding pen.  But even better is sunning on the patio.

photo copy

We’re a goal oriented, strategic planning kind of family – and we figure it’s good to have goals…


Some family members aren’t so sure about any of this and would like to know – “Have you seen my mommy? I can’t FIND her!!!”

photo copy 3

A few other points to clarify –

  1.  Kim was right (sorry Kimmy – I didn’t write down why!).
  2. Anyone is welcome to call anytime.  Mom has her cell phone and a room phone – if you need the room extension please send me a message or a comment below and I’ll pass it on.
  3. The cancer and the blocked part of the stomach is at the bottom.

How you can help today – Ask questions if you’re confused about something, or I have left something unclear. Just send me an email (firstname maidenname @ gmail . com – no spaces) or leave a comment – just like when you’re in school, if you’re confused about something, chances are someone else is too!

Message from Mom: “Poor Puppy! I’ve asked the nurses and she can come for a visit!  We just need to provide proof of her shots – second drawer of the filing cabinet” – Clearly, Molly’s not the only one who is missing their cuddles!

Tomorrow – a non Cancer related update – variety is the spice of life after all!

4 responses

  1. She does look great. I’m sure Southlake is taking great care of her, and I’m just sad that Pete wasn’t able to get his care transferred there sooner (he has an appointment at Toronto General tomorrow but if we had managed to get him to Southlake we could have had a visit). xoxo

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