Guess what my milkshake brings?

1 package of Sun Warrior Vegan Protein

Three Dollars

1 Large Kawartha Dairy Vanilla Milkshake

Six Dollars

Getting off the TPN and drinking guiltless 20g of Protein ideally 4 times a day


All the boys to the yard - obviously

Good luck with your first chemo treatment today Mom – we’re cheering for you!!!!!

Message from Mom – “This is Delicious!”

3 responses

  1. So she’s able to have liquids again? Sorry if I missed that in a previous post. That’s awesome and I’m glad she’s getting to enjoy delicious, delicious Kawartha Dairy. Good luck today. xo
    P.S. Pete genuinely loves the Milkshake song. As in, he enjoys it in a non-ironic fashion. It’s his jam.

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