(Posted a little later – no power or wifi when camping?! How do people live!! – anyway this is coming to you live from the Charlottetown Public Library – while the Boy waits patiently for us to go golfing.)

Is it still considered a honeymoon if you’ve been married for nearly 2 years?

Or is it more significant that it’s your first vacation together (that’s longer than 3 days) since you met nearly 11 years ago?

Either way, the Boy and I are officially on vacation, and after 2 days of heavy driving, we’ve made it to Moncton New Brunswick and we’re still speaking to each other – a good sign.


You may remember the big debate, Europe or East Coast.  I wanted to go FAR, the Boy wanted to go far enough, as in somewhere he had never been before.  He won, and given our summer – I’m glad he did. We may be 2 days away, but we’re not across an ocean.  I consider this a good thing.

Mom is under strict instructions to be good while I’m away – so there should be minimal updates on that end of things since a promise is a promise.  Of course, if she decides to act up – I am very accessible, and will pass along any news, including how her next round of chemo goes on the 15th.

So what have we been up to? A lot actually.  We’ve listened to our first audiobook – The Dinner, one of those books that makes you wonder about the sanity of the author. We trusted the GPS a little too much and ended up in dreaded Montreal after strict instructions to bypass it.  That may be the fault of the navigator who may have been busy knitting and not double checking with the map.  I won’t name names, but a little driving stress is a good test for a marriage right?!


We haven’t booked any places to stay for the next two weeks, we’re making a plan today and we’ll get on that relatively soon.  It almost resulted in us sleeping in our car on the first night since every hotel in Quebec City and Lévis was booked solid.  We happened to find a little B&B through AirB&B La California B&B – when Mary answered the phone she told me I was a very lucky girl because yes, she had one room available and she had actually told another caller that she was booked.  It must have been meant for me.

We arrived at her place 10 minutes later, unloaded our bags and she told us there were 3 festivals going on in the city this weekend – so we were lucky to get a place since everyone has been booked for weeks.  She told us she had a few people call her, and she turned them away – she goes by voice and apparently she liked mine.  Once she heard we were only staying the night, she told us to get out there quickly and take in everything the city had to offer, where to go for dinner, where to see the free Cirque du Soliel show (we missed it) and the free iMax (which is huge and pretty spectacular) and where to get a drink and people watch at the end of the night (we did).  After a delicious french breakfast Mary sent us on our way with a loaf of fresh bread, and a roughly drawn sketch to get us to New Brunswick by the North shore (which we appreciated, but didn’t follow).

Yesterday we made it to New Brunswick and after sorting out a few more GPS snafus we made it to Moncton only to find out the markets are closed on Sundays so apparently by 8:30 everyone is out of food. Seriously.



Luckily, they weren’t out of beer and we got an awesome sample tray at a local microbrewery – Pump House.  And the staff was so apologetic for getting our trip off to a rough start, we got our first 2 pints for free.



Oh East Coasters, could you be more relaxed?

So now that we’re here we’re consulting guide books and looking for camp sites. I’ll update as much as possible – or you can follow me on Instagram – gingerandgiant and see the highlights as they unfold.

If you’ve got any must see spots for us – we have no firm plans so I’d love to hear them!


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  1. So glad you got to try Pumphouse Brewery! The blueberry ale is the best. My brother is under strict instructions to bring me back three cans.

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