Round 3

She didn’t want to jinx it, so she asked me not to post until after the weekend – but to say this round was much better than the last, would be an understatement.

Mom was given an extra boost of anti-nausea meds this time, plus a handy prescription of Ativan. Between the two, she didn’t feel the need to stay in Newmarket post-chemo, she was able to make it home and largely sleep through it.

Dad and Brother got some education in how to start and stop an IV through the PICC line, which meant Mom could easily set herself up with 1 litre of saline each day Thursday-Monday.  That helped.  A LOT.  One of the big challenges last round was that Mom was so sick, she really couldn’t stay hydrated, which of course just made things worse.  Getting the saline in made a huge difference and something she’ll definitely be keeping in mind the next time around.

For now, it’s 2 1/2 more weeks with Paula the Pump, then she gets a good break.  No date for surgery date yet, but it should be sometime closer to the end of October.

Message from Mom – “What am I going to do with all my free time!”


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