One Down Two to Go

I think they call this the home stretch.  Or maybe this is the last leg, and 6 weeks from now will be the home stretch.  Either way, we are one chemo round closer to the finish line and I for one will take it.

Mom had her PICC line fixed on Tuesday, they were hopeful they could get it all done in one day, but unfortunately there weren’t enough chairs. So Wednesday she went in again and Paula is back in our lives.

And how did it go? WONDERFUL.  Mom came home for a long winter’s nap, but has had no nausea at all. This is what her doctor thought would happen, that she was so sick with the first rounds because she was nearly obstructed.  But now that we’ve got that pesky stomach out of the way… good to go.

She has been told that the devil in this cocktail will be exhaustion.  Flat out, dead tired, ZERO energy exhaustion.  But now that we’re in the last leg of this tour, we are all definitely rallying around the countdown.  8 weeks, 6 days.

It’s going to be a quieter Christmas than normal in our house that’s for sure, but I feel confident speaking for all the Weldon’s when I say – we don’t mind one bit.

Message from Mom – Do you think I willed the delay by saying I wished for a few more days before they killed me again? Shoot! What a waste of a wish!

The ONE time!

Just got an quick phone call from mom an turns out the ONE time she doesn’t call and follow up and harass people about test results… She should have.

Her PICC line has moved too much and needs to be adjusted. She did a chest X-ray last week to check it but it was missed in the pile and they didn’t realize until today that it’s not going to work as is.

So what does this mean? No chemo today. They’ll fix her PICC line Monday and she’ll get her first chemo sometime next week.

Silver lining? Now mom can enjoy Christmas tree hunting and decorating this weekend. We can strap the tree to her back and have her carry it out of the woods – no excuses! HA!

Mom says – Thank you for all the good luck wishes I’ll save them for next week!