Ladies and Gentlemen – Start Your Countdowns

That’s right – we’re in the final count. T-20 days and the Weldon’s will officially be in remission, our favourite place to be. 🙂

Mom’s final chemo went well, it was a long day because she had the lab work first – but it was the final one, so it was a day well spent.

Next steps? 3 more weeks with Paula the pump until we can banish her forever.  And a CT Scan at the end of March – they don’t anticipate seeing ANYTHING on it, but they like to get a clear baseline following chemo for future reference.

And that’s it! For now, we’re counting down the days and planning a shopping trip for someone’s post-Cancer body. Because hey, if this is the silver lining, we’re going to make sure it looks fabulous!!




2 responses

  1. Great news Carole. It has been a long journey but you have stayed the course with the love and support of all your family!
    All our very best.
    Love David & Sheila Jardine

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