Flash-back Friday

Sista sent me this video last week.  I said I would post it last Friday.

Then I forgot.

But when Sista sent me this link the walk down memory lane was a welcome distraction.

Oh the ’80s – you’re awesome.

Thanks Sista and Thanks Jimmy Fallon… you guys made my day.

YouTube Fridays Returns

I don’t know if you’ve missed YouTube Friday.  But I do know I watched this video last week and like so many other bloggers out there knew I had to share it.

I may be a week late, and many of you may have already watched this recently – but if you have you know it ‘s worth watching again.

You Tube Friday – “Not just for gays anymore”

Hands up everyone that loves Neil Patrick Harris?  Have you been loving him as long as I have? From the time you were 7?

Or did your love affair begin with How I Met Your Mother? Do you find yourself loving Barney despite his womanizing ways?

Or maybe you just have a man crush on him.  Seems like a good guy to have a beer with – no?

Well, either way this week’s post is for you.

Last weekend was the Tony Awards.  Even though I love theatre it never occurred to me to watch the Tony Awards.  But I had heard that my BFF NPH was hosting – which I thought would be pretty funny.  Unfortunately there was a Boy watching a hockey game at my house on Sunday, a boy who would never agree to watching any awards show let alone the Tony Awards.  So I checked in on YouTube this week to see what I missed.

Turns out I missed a lot:

I missed the memo that Broadway is not just for gays anymore.

I missed the memo that Daniel Radcliffe can sing and can play other characters than Harry Potter.

I missed handsome man Hugh Jackman throwing down broadway styles with my boyfriend

And he didn’t lose momentum by the end sending us off with his mad ad lib rap skills

So next year, I’m putting the Tony Awards on my list.  Turns out I didn’t know that this awards show is actually exciting and worth watching.  Having watched the many many more videos available on YouTube – the Tony’s showcase performances from all of the current season’s musicals.  Who knew?  Not me.

YouTube Friday – Story of Stuff

As you may recall a couple of  weeks ago I told several people “This video is GREAT for this week’s YouTube Friday!”  I told my friend over at A Handmade Story about this video – it seemed to me I had shown it here before, but she’s a diehard and had no idea what I was talking about.  I was going to include it in last week’s videos but it’s quite lengthy.  So I figured it needed it’s own Friday.

It’s the Story of Stuff.  It’s interesting in a disturbing kind of way and makes you think about our consumerism.

What do you think?

YouTube Friday – This one’s for the boys

The Boy doesn’t watch YouTube Friday.  He says it’s not his favourite feature.  Sometimes he’ll watch – but most of the time he skips it.  He’s not a big YouTube fan actually – I know can you believe it?

My brother does watch YouTube Friday – unless of course I post anything with any kind of depth.  Then he’s out.  Feminist poetry slamsNo thanksMuppets? Yes please.

Came across this one this week and thought of my dear brother.  I didn’t even know there was another movie coming out – add Jason Segal and Amy Adams to that and I am sold

But since this isn’t coming out until November – I thought I’d also share a couple of the long list of movies I’m looking forward to this summer.

The Boy will not be going to Vegas or Thailand for his bachelor party.  His BFF is getting married next year and they are going to Vegas for his bachelor party.  I have already informed the Boy that What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas does not apply to married people… or STDs.

I’ve got some serious reading and movie watching to do before I can end the series. Good thing the Hunger Games series will start next year or I might not know what to do with myself!

The Boy and I both agree this movie would be great to see as an entire wedding party – though coordinating a movie date with 10 people in the summer, when one lives in Edmonton might prove to be difficult


What are you looking forward to seeing in theatres?

YouTube Friday – This one’s for the Girls

This is going to seem random.  It’s seems that way because it is.

The first video was discovered by a friend of mine and it is such a hidden gem and the timing is just crazy.

I give you – deleted Friends scene The One Where Racheal Tells – (Or the one where Monica and Chandler go on their honeymoon)

The second video – is more of a tribute.  BFF Kate is in town for a WHOLE week and I thought I’d welcome her with a classic that is definitely ending up on the “to play” list on W-day! (Kate – I suggest we start practicing our choreographed dancing!)

Ahh, Billy Joel.  This reminds me – I’ve got to start working on our DJ play and do not play list.

So if you’ve got requests – I want to hear them!

Have a great LONG weekend!

YouTube Friday

I think YouTube Friday has found it’s new theme song.  I find it slightly upsetting that I will be contributing to this video’s ridiculous number of views… but I’ll just assume everyone is laughing at it and no one is supporting this train wreck financially. (Although I just found out that the company that produced it has subsequently made $20000.  Argh.)

Nonetheless – it’s too terrible not to pass on

And because you KNOW a great video like that has GOT to have some amazing follow-ups here are a couple of my faves

This one wouldn’t embed so you need to click on the picture and you’ll be redirected to another site. Make sure you come back though – you wouldn’t want to miss “Saturday!”

Here’s another beauty

Happy Friday Everyone – we’re getting the Boy a W-day outfit this weekend! Fingers crossed.

YouTube Friday

I found this video on Healthy Tipping Point the other day and it got my Feminist cells buzzing.

Then I started on a bit of a Feminist Poetry choose your own YouTube adventure.

And found out What Women Deserve


I think I’ll spend my long weekend poetry slamming.

Happy Easter!

Still here – just exhausted!

Good Morning Everyone!  I hope everyone had a great weekend. I thought I’d kick off the week with a small apology for my absense.  The last couple of weeks have just been so crazy busy – there just haven’t been enough hours in the day for blogging!

I’ve got tons of drafts started with stories I must remember to share, about the Boy, cake, my naturopath, wedding stuff, we just had an engagement party this weekend TONS going on.  But when I get home at night – sleepy sleepy.

My head is still spinning from our Engagement Party this weekend – I’ll write a full post about it for sure, but if it was any indication of how W-day is going to go, it will definitely be a GREAT party and I need to eat more (the Boy DEFINITELY needs to eat more).

W-day plans are moving along fast and furious, and with the Engagement Party come and gone I feel like we are definitely in the full throddle of wedding season.

*insert panic attack here*

For now, I know I missed last YouTube Friday, so I’ll leave you with this short video to get you over your case of the Mondays.

I give you… Ticklish Penguin

You enjoy that while I fill in the details of all these posts I’ve started.

Happy Monday!

YouTube Friday

I was recently involved in a discussion led by a sketchy stranger (yes, it was Ricky) as to why anyone would choose to study history.  Of course I was shocked by this question, and would have a rather difficult time coming up with reasons why studying history is a waste of time (as so many people seem to presume). 

History rocks fools! It’s super awesome, it gives you a much better understanding of how the world exists now – study the past to understand the present and all that jazz. It’s all about people – and as Dr. Seuss told me so many years ago – “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”  More than that though – there are so many fun things in history that why wouldn’t you want to learn all about them.

Ricky didn’t get it.

I didn’t expect that he would.

Then this week I came across this video over at Mason-Dixon Knitting – one of my new fave knitting blogs.  It may not explain my love of history completely… but I do wish I had the Bronte sisters in my doll collection! And the Brontesaurus who comes with “Barrier breaking feminist vision” it can’t get much better than that!  And I certainly hope that using my brain will one day make HISTORY! 

Do you think we could register for these?


Happy Weekend!