K1 P1

Not sure what that means? Then you’re probably on the wrong page – return to the home page to my regular musings. It’s the kind of thing that makes perfect sense to knitters – and that is me.  A knitter.
How did I become a knitter?  You can thank the Boy for that. Years and years ago when we were young and in love, I would sit beside the Boy as he watched every SINGLE Toronto Maple Leafs game of the season.  What a loving girlfriend I was.  I wouldn’t read a book, or ditch him and come back when the game was over, I would watch and try and learn the game.  Then I got a few words of advice. “Little girl, if you are going to stay with this boy, you are going to need to learn to knit.  At the end of the season at least you’ll have something to show for the time you’ve spent watching a game you really don’t care about!”  Brilliant advice.  It’s now been 8 years and I still couldn’t tell you with certainty what “offside” means – but I do know how to knit.
I’ve knit quite a number of things over the years, and recently someone suggested that I take pictures of everything I finish so I have a record of them.  So I’ve started to do that here.  If you’re not a knitter – you should start it’s super awesome.  If you are a knitter – enjoy!

Perfect for the freezing cold office, or the first days of fall

The back makes it fun

I forgot to take a picture of just my socks - they're the back ones.

Socks for the Boy - it took several (like 8ish) months, but look how nice

Tiny sweater for a tiny new baby - #2 on 101 of 1001

Super simple top down pattern from Mission Falls Cotton Yarn

First pair of patterned socks... so soft.

Kind of zig zaggy - can you tell?

Knit these twice... ran out of yarn, and then couldn't find it anywhere - so I riped it out and shorted them up. Not sure why they look like little feet socks - they fit my size 9 feet, but REALLY don't look like they should.

Learned the hard way to check the yardage on sock yarn – should have bought 3 balls not 2 of Schopel Wolle Ambiente Yarn

Still cute though, and cottony soft. Interesting colours too.


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