Eat This Martha Stewart

Happy Pancake Tuesday Everyone! And happy day after Family Day fellow Ontarians!

This weekend we had many a fun-family-filled adventure in the great white North that is Mom and Dads.  Mom is officially retired (woot! woot!), and we celebrated in style with another sumptuous meal at Bistro 77.  Seriously folks it’s totally worth the drive to Alliston if you are anywhere in the GAA (Greater Alliston Area).  Try as I might not to have too much to eat, it’s virtually impossible since it’s all. so. good.

The Boy and I had a small disagreement on who was ditching whom on Saturday when he went to volleyball in Oshawa and I went back to Alliston, choosing to spend the day and night with the W-family instead of the M-family. He toughed it out. And I didn’t have to make dinner for myself – Score! We topped the weekend off with a family walk in the snow – all 10 of us.

Sunday was the real family day and Sista and I spent it making cupcakes with two of our favourite littles. Do you remember being 4 and 7 and having older aunts/cousins that you thought were awesome? Well, we do so we wanted to do a little something with them that would make their Family Day 2012 that much more memorable.

One word. Cupcakes.

Now. Let’s back up just a second. You know I have a cookbook issue according to The Boy? Well I come by it honestly.  Mom has all the cookbooks.  Ever. You think I’m exaggerating but if you saw it you’d agree – it’s only a slight one.  Which is why we were all so confused when we went to check the shelves to find – no cupcake book.  To the BOOK STORE! We scoured the shelves, and decided we would go classic. Classic Martha.

I may have mentioned this before – I don’t know it’s been nearly 350 posts, but I love Martha Stewart.  And I love her baking books.  Do you know why? Martha has MAD standards and that means a crazy strict test kitchen, which is to say, if you follow the recipe you will have perfection.  Every. single. time.  LOVES it!

While we marveled at the beautiful pictures of flowers of buttercream, themes like monsters and babies and weddings oh my we made big plans of beautiful vanilla cupcakes with swiss meringue buttercream, and two little girls eager to bring their creative talents to the kitchen.

Well, we may not have ended up with cupcakes worthy of a MS photo shoot.

But if you ask the taste testers they were way better.

And the bonus?

Calorie free since they were made with love.