The Countdown is on…

T minus 20 days people. D-day is coming.

May 7. This girl turns the big 3-0.

30 means a few things.

1. I am old – (I’m actually not that freaked out – I just like to be dramatic, don’t tell the Boy)

2. My twenties have come to an end.

3. (And this is the most important) The Twenties Roar is no longer appropriate.

On Saturday night while the Boy was watching “Bering Sea Gold” – one of the more quality shows on Discovery – (read: it’s ridiculous) I started to think about turning 30. Do you know what I found out? is taken but not active. Balls. I could go legit and become but this hiccup in my plan gave me pause to try and think of something else.

I’ve gone over why I think The Dirty Thirties works: the thirties are all about kids (eventually) and kids are all about poop and poop is dirty – and that’s funny.  Plus another historical reference – history + consistency = awesome. Third, if the twenties are all about everything being exciting and new, then maybe I can anticipate the thirties being all about getting down and dirty (get your mind out of the gutter) – I’m married, I have a job, I’m now making decisions on how I want to live my life – for reals.

But on the other hand…

The Dirty Thirties lasts me another 10 years. And while yes, that’s likely an ample time frame – part of me thinks I should be thinking of something that’s permanent. Brandable. Won’t solicit viewers that are looking for porn.

But here’s the issue – I can’t think of another option.

So – fellow bloggers… I’m not looking for you to give me a new title (though if you’ve got something brilliant please feel free to share) rather, how did you name your blog? And did you have to change the name of your blog – my God how did you do it?