30 While I’m 30 – Update

Less than a month to go to the big birthday.  And since I’m such a terrible blogger and haven’t been updating as I’ve gone – I thought I’d do a little halfway update. SPOILER ALERT – I’m not halfway through the list.

Shocking I know.

Here we go:

  1. Take Gordon for 30 walks – we’re making progress, but seriously Mother Nature, could you give up on winter and bring me some nice spring days. Puppy needs some walks!
  2. 1 week moratorium on Starbucks I made it more than 1 week, 10 days in fact… but then I had training.  And turning 1 week into 3 all went to hell.
  3. 2 week moratorium on Starbucks
  4. Finish the ottoman DEFINITELY a post to come about this experience.  M&D Enterprises we’re going into business.
  5. Make a jewelry solution – I have the solution… I have not made it.
  6. Unpack my backpack (the last “real” box from our move) – the backpack is full of jewelry… see #5.
  7. Organize purses/purge for easier rotation – halfway – I have purged.
  8. Build a desk
  9. Clean/organize office
  10. Take wedding dress to be cleaned
  11. Update resume
  12. Take a long walk on the Tom Taylor Trail with my camera
  13. Organize photos on new computer
  14. Frame canvases from Sista I’m picking them up from the framer today – I’ll post a picture when we hang them this weekend. They definitely deserve their own post.
  15. Decorate bathroom
  16. Go to a spin class
  17. Set up a regular RRSP contribution plan – I’m pretty sure this makes me an adult.
  18. Have Kristyn, John and Logan for dinner – or bring dinner to them – We split dinner and had it at Kristyn and John’s so that little Logan could go to bed.  Turns out he’s not interested in missing the party no matter where he is – so everyone had a great night! 🙂
  19. Organize knitting patterns
  20. Finish Tanis sweater
  21. Finish cowl
  22. Finish baby girl sweater
  23. Stencil bedroom
  24. Clean hall closet
  25. Surprise The Boy with a present – Apple TV – although The Boy still thinks that we need cable… argh.
  26. Clean and shelf paper linen closet
  27. Vacuum and clean both cars
  28. Plan a front garden
  29. Get kitchen table and chairs – We’re halfway there.  We got a pedestal round kitchen table with a 24″ leaf for $100 at the ReStore – SCORE!
  30. Make cupcakes – just because. Made Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter frosting for dinner with Kristyn and John.  We had leftovers and the Boy may have eaten 3 in one day.  When I told him that was slightly gross he said “aren’t they healthy cupcakes?! Usually when you make a dessert it’s got something good for you in it.”  I suppose the peanut butter frosting made with natural peanut butter could be good for you, but the 1/2 lb of icing sugar probably negates that.

Mmm Peanut Butter Cupcakes 

Lookin’ good – but I’ve definitely got some work to do this month.

I Hurt my Everything

I was cleaning up my blog this weekend and came across this fully written but unpublished post from last February.  I’m not really sure why I didn’t publish it.  Or maybe I did – although I couldn’t find it when I searched through my blog.  It’s a little story about starting to do yoga with BFF Kristyn.  I have vague recollections of publishing if not this something very similar.  But alas, earwax. So if I did publish it and you have read it already, maybe you’ll enjoy reading it again.  If I didn’t publish it, well, this a little story about why I stopped going to the gym and started going to yoga.  Of course, now I’m back at the gym and I must say that most of my problems with the gym still exist – but I have a buddy, so I overcome them and I go…. 4 mornings per week – aiming for 5 this week. 

I know.  It’s crazy-pants.

Anyway, I thought I’d share this one despite it’s blast from the past.  Kristyn and I are still going once a week.  She’s back to work now which makes it a bit more challenging but I think we’re back in the swing of it officially.  The Boy says I’m crazy, with my gym-ing and yogi-ing and my working out 6 times a week.  I think he’s jealous.



From February 2012

Let me tell you a little story about me, the gym and motivation.  It’s short and sweet.  I got married.  The pictures are lovely (if I do say so myself) and then I pretty much stopped going.  Sure I check in every once in a while. But basically – no dice.

My problems with the gym include the following

1. I don’t know what to do at the gym
2. At the end of the day I’m sleepy
3. At the beginning of the day, I’m sleeping
4. I hate leaving the house again once I’ve been home – I’ll do it, but only if someone asks me to.
5. The gym does not call me and ask me to leave the house.
6. Most of what I’m doing at the gym I could be doing outside.
7. There are a lot of evenings where I go home and go for a walk with the Boy rather than go to the gym and walk/jog on the treadmill.
8. I don’t like strangers.
9. I don’t like calling 1 hour before to book myself a spot in a yoga class.
10. The level of fitness of the other people at the gym makes me uncomfortable.

Knowing my membership ends in March has led me to think about what I should do starting then.  I made a list of things I like to do:
1. Walk/maybe I could run outside. (the hecklers when I first tried running outside do scare me but maybe I could do it.)
2. Yoga (specifically of the hot variety)
3. Outdoor activities in the nice weather. (ex. I want the Boy to teach me how to play tennis)

So I emailed BFF Kristyn and proposed a plan.  We meet once a week and go to a yoga class. Once a week. That’s not a big commitment, totally doable and we would work through the buddy system.  I’ll go if I know someone else is waiting for me to show up.  She LOVED the idea, and there is a new Hot Yoga studio that just opened up around the corner from her.  It gives me a buddy to yogi with and her a couple of hours away from her beautiful baby boy and out with other adults, doing a little something that’s just for her.  Win-win-win.

We went last Thursday.

On Friday I hurt.  I hurt all over.  It hurt to laugh, it hurt to go up the stairs, it hurt to go down the stairs, it hurt to sit, it hurt to stand.  Saturday if you can believe it – I’m sure you can – worse.

BUT it was worth it. I felt good afterward. I saw my friend. I sweat. I ercised. I didn’t spend the night in front of the TV. Win-Win-Win-Win-Win.

So, despite my muscle’s cries to make it stop.  We’re headed back on Wednesday.  It thought it might kill us, but no pain no gain – Right?!

Well, I hurt again.  BUT I hurt in slightly fewer spots. I was more awake on Thursday. I slept well. I sweat. I didn’t spend the night in front of the TV. I saw my friend.  Win-win-win-win-win-win.

Good-bye gym membership.  Hello something I actually like doing.

Fast Five for Friday

Hurray for Friday! So I had this thought a while ago, five fast things I love on Friday. Five things on a theme.  And as I said – I wrote this a long time ago, but didn’t post it (don’t ask me why – there’s no picture I was waiting for)

So here we go.  Five things I’m liking about my new (5 months is still new right?) job. Some context? I’ve been at my new job for three weeks five months, and my assessment so far is… I like it…. but it’s really different from everything else I’ve done.  Ever. (This is still my assessment five months later – with the addition of, it’s got potential for growth).

But there are things I like – so here’s five.

  1. Let’s be honest – it’s the pay. While some of what I’m finding harder to get used to is the bureaucracy and formality, (this is still true at 5 months) they’re paying me for it – so it’s fine.
  2. One hour lunch.  Until I’ve completed my probation period, (1 more month to go) I have an hour lunch.  I have so much time to catch up on blogs, run errands, leisurely eat – whatever! Mostly though, I just come home and read some blogs and watch Income Property and Property Brothers and dream of having my own little shit-hole house that I can gut and beautify. After my probabtion period I have the option to compress my work week, get a half hour lunch or work a half hour extra on either side of my day and presto – 1 day off every 3 weeks.  Sweet.
  3. The people. I’m in a branch of about 50, but my unit is only 4.  And I like ’em.  That’s always nice.
  4. The problems.  I’ve got some messes to clean up – and I like that.
  5. It might be only BFF Kristyn that gets this last love – but I had to include it just for her (I found out the other day The Boy loves this too – I knew we were meant to be).  Papermate Medium and Fine Blue pens. I came in my first day to find one of each in my desk.  Brilliant.  It’s the little things.

And that’s just it.  It’s the little things. That’s why I wanted to start this Fast Five Friday segment.  Feel free to play along with each week’s theme and leave me a comment with the five (or as many as you can think of) things you love about that week’s theme.

It’s easy to list the reasons you hate your job, but c’mon people – let’s focus on the positive. Give me at least 1 thing you like about your job, it could be as simple as the pens.

Happy weekend!

I Meaghan take you Boy

How do I capture this moment? What I was thinking? (try not to cry) What I was feeling? (nauseous)

I guess I’ll just start from the beginning.  The music started.

Forrest Gump Suite.  Do you know it? We love movies the Boy and I and this one is quite possibly one of the best.  Plus, it’s such a great piece of music.

The girls went up and the last one to leave me was Sista, who wished me luck, and when she was at the front she gave the Boy a big hug (she said it just didn’t feel right to walk right passed him like she didn’t even know him) and then it was just me and my dad.

I stepped into the doorway and the tears started coming. But I looked straight ahead and focussed all my attention on the Boy and on not having makeup run down my face in the pictures.

Friends told me later they had never seen someone look like they were concentrating so hard and so focused.  One goal. Get to the Boy.  Get married.

We went through the beginning of the mass and as soon as the Boy and I were able to sit down – and listen the words we chose.

First up, Song of Songs  we chose it because I love the line My Beloved is mine, and I am my Beloved’s. Love it. Why not open a wedding with a love poem?

Second up, Letter of St. Paul to the Romans 12:1-2, 9-18; LOVES the line Rejoice with those who rejoice, Weep with those who weep. It’s a list of high ideals to aspire to – but hey, there’s nothing wrong with lofty goals.

Gospel, Matthew 5:1-12a I love the Beatitudes. Love them. Life is a mix, good and bad and so is marriage, love and faith can get you through.  Come on that’s just a good message to remember.

Side note here, while I had the more churchy upbringing the Boy knew what he wanted, or more specifically what he didn’t. Corinthians. Love IS patient and Love IS kind. But as the Boy says, “I hear the Bible has a lot of to say, I’m pretty sure we can find something that doesn’t make me think of Wedding Crashers”  Well said Boy. Well said.

Post readings, the vows. The big show. We didn’t write our own, in the Catholic church, since marriage is a sacrament they discourage you from writing your own vows but give you several to choose from. We went traditional.

It didn’t take long. But in those few moments we did it.


Mr and Mrs.

And I felt… hungry.

We went through the remainder of the mass and while walking up to sign the register, I tripped.  Seriously.  Just a small one. And only fitting really.  Coordinated? Not so much.

There we are signing away, I turned to our priest and said – “This is the wrong song”  He smiled and laughed and said “We had to make an executive decision – I was hoping you wouldn’t notice!” I told him – “You’ve obviously never planned a wedding if you thought I wouldn’t notice!” The Luckiest isn’t Catholic enough (or at all) apparently.

So it got cut. Shoot.

So the song was wrong.  I didn’t care.  The right song would have been lovely. But the wrong song was nice too – and spoiler alert, that was the only thing that went wrong (besides the trip I guess). And that’s good enough for me.  I was happy that I chose to write down the words to the right song in our program.

That’s it. We were married.  We RAN back up the aisle – the Boy has LONG legs when he wants to and then we shared high fives, hugs and fist pumps all around.

Done and done.  Married.

Let’s party. 

But first… I’m starving someone find me some food!

A new little person and a head cold

Do you remember BFF Kristyn?

Do you remember how she was nearly 7 months preggo on w-day?

She was a bit nervous that the dress would be too short but no dice.  She looked beautiful.

See.. (she’s the one on the right… with two flowers in her hair – one for each of them)

Well that little baby is here. I’ve seen the pictures.  It’s a beautiful baby. But there was never any doubt.

There’s just two small problems.

1. It’s a boy.  (Okay, fine. This is not actually a problem.  It’s quite the opposite in fact. It’s wonderful! It’s what all of the family members thought it would be.  They were on team boy through and through. It’s just not the team that I was on. I have no problem with boys.  Love them! They are so funny and cute and adorable. I love that he’s a boy. It’s truly wonderful. Love love love it.)

I knit for a girl. I was really really sure it was a girl. Which is annoying because I said it was a boy at first. But then… I changed my mind. I threw my gut instincts aside and switched teams (haha). I based my knitting decision on two factors:

a. BFF Kristyn was really sick when she first found herself responsible for growing a human. I based my mind change on the theory that there was too much estrogen in her system. Clearly, I was wrong.  I accept that.

b. There are so many cute things to knit for girls.  Teeny tiny dresses. Teeny tiny sweaters. Adorable.  One thing that I knit I kept gender neutral – or I think so anyway, we’ll see what the new little boy’s dad has to say I guess.  I finished sewing in the ends the night before the new little boy’s birthday. I have yet to talk to BFF Kristyn but I’m going to go ahead and assume that she started feeling contractions around 8pm on Friday night.  The knitting was ready. It’s an unspoken  The other little knitterly thing…. it’s girly.  Really girly.  And that is the only reason why this new beautiful little person being a boy is a problem. Not that the world will come to an end if a stranger on the street mistakes the new little boy for a little girl, but c’mon, who gives the new little boy a little girly sweater?

I told you – problem 1 is not a real problem – it just means I knit more. Good thing I like to do that.

2.  Problem 2 is the real problem.  I’m sick. 

BFF Kristyn’s unborn baby and I had a deal. I would go to Florida and he would either be born before I left, or camp out for another week until I got back. I figured it was only fair, he wasn’t due for another 10 days after we arrived back home AND I live spitting distance from the hospital. He kept his end of the bargain. He hung out as an inside baby for another full week after we got back.

He’s a good baby.

I on the other hand got sick.  Not gross sick. Just cold sick.  I sound like a man and that’s sick enough that it’s not cool to go and see a new baby and even less cool to go see that new baby’s new mom and dad. (Let’s face it the new baby’s got an immune system like gangbusters but his new sleep-deprived parents do not.)

So here I sit. Longing to squeeze and love the new baby. But I can’t. I am homebound… with the exception of work…  and a Shred Kelly show tonight. Okay, so not homebound – just in no baby zones.


I’m left to do the only thing I can think of which is send a big congratulations to BFF Kristyn and her hubs John and a big Blogosphere WELCOME to their new little baby boy. I am doing all I can to get well so the Boy and I can come and meet you super soon.