Adventures in Blocking

So yesterday you’ll recall I was determined to find a new pattern for the yarn I have already knit with for my sista.  I think I have committed to not reknitting the same sweater.  Since I didn’t hear an outcry from her along the lines of “NO! I loved it please knit it again.” I think she’s okay with it too.

But before I tear anything apart my friend over at ahandmadestory said – “Just block it first before you do anything.”

Well, I haven’t blocked it. But I’m getting closer.  I had my very first adventure in blocking and I’m 98% certain the results are going to be amazing.  That’s right, I’ve been knitting for years, 8 years to be exact and I have never, NOT ONCE blocked anything. Shocking I know.

If it works with this shrug, I think it might work with the too small sweater.  I’m not SUPER confident in the ability of water and T-pins to grow a sweater from big enough for a 10-year-old to big enough for an adult… but thinking about thinking about getting on the blocking bandwagon.