30 While I’m 30

My 101 in 1001 list deadline is nearly here and I can safely say – I’m not going to make it.


I saw this image on Pinterest the other day,  I liked it so much I sent it to the Boy because it reminded me of us and how we’ll often reflect back and think – WOW – look how different everything is now.

That is funny

And I think it applies to the 1001 part of the list.  Sure some of those things I really wanted to do, and some of them were silly nothing things – is my life really any different because I haven’t completed a colouring book?  And of course there are other things on that list that I knew I wouldn’t get to – learning French, learning French enough to actually converse in it. 

But there’s another aspect to it that I didn’t really consider when I set out on my list – my priorities are completely different.  I don’t want to spend my time learning French right now.  It’s not that I don’t have time, or couldn’t do it.  I can – I just don’t want to.  I’d rather cuddle with my puppy or knit.  When my 1001 days are up, and I look back to 1001 days ago, everything will have changed and I’ll have done LOTS of things that I never even thought of putting on a list.  I got married, I bought a house, I got a new job, I increased my income, I joined a gym and actually stuck with it, I learned all kinds of new things, I maintained friendships and created new ones. Yes, some of those things were on my list – but I generally didn’t do them because they were on my list.  I did them because I wanted to, or because the timing was right.

And I’m okay with that.

So what I took from the 101 in 1001 challenge is this – A. it’s really hard.  B. the long timeline is helpful in some ways but in others it doesn’t keep your list top-of-mind or particularly relevant. C. Items on the list really should be measurable and one-offs are best.

I’m still going to see what I can check off in the next few weeks, but I’ve also moved on to a list that I think will work better for me.

30 While I’m 30.

Thirty things that are on my weekly to-do list that generally get pushed to next week, but are actually things I want to do, and are things that I can do.

I’ll be 31 in 2 months – and 30 has generally been pretty kick ass. I thought I would use my birthday as a tangible and realistic deadline to cross a few things off the list.  Nothing major.  No grand ridiculous plans, just a nice succinct list of things that I want to do/finish.

Here we go:
  1. Take Gordon for 30 walks
  2. 1 week moratorium on Starbucks
  3. 2 week moratorium on Starbucks
  4. Finish the ottoman
  5. Make a jewelry solution
  6. Unpack my backpack (the last “real” box from our move)
  7. Organize purses/purge for easier rotation
  8. Build a desk
  9. Clean/organize office
  10. Take wedding dress to be cleaned
  11. Update resume
  12. Take a long walk on the Tom Taylor Trail with my camera
  13. Organize photos on new computer
  14. Frame canvases from Lisa
  15. Decorate bathroom
  16. Go to a spin class
  17. Set up a regular RRSP contribution plan
  18. Have Kristyn, John and Logan for dinner – or bring dinner to them
  19. Organize knitting patterns
  20. Finish Tanis sweater
  21. Finish cowl
  22. Finish baby girl sweater
  23. Stencil bedroom
  24. Clean hall closet
  25. Surprise Dan with a present
  26. Clean and shelf paper linen closet
  27. Vacuum and clean both cars
  28. Plan a front garden
  29. Get kitchen table and chairs
  30. Make cupcakes – just because.

Will I do another 101 in 1001? I don’t know – maybe.  I guess I’ll see how 30 While I’m 30 goes and decide from there.

Let me know – What’s on your endless “to do” list??


The Last Friday

This is it.  The last Friday post on The Twenties Roar.  *single tear*

I wasn’t sure how to do it.  Do I post a video? Or maybe do a fast five?

Well hell, I figure it’s the last Friday – let’s do both.

Five Reasons I love The Twenties Roar:

  1. I will always love that The Twenties Roar was my first blog – you always remember your first right? Well, this was mine.  I carved out my own little piece of the blogosphere and told the world what I thought. Amazing.
  2. The Twenties Roar made me some new friends.  I never really thought that anyone other than my immediate family would follow me.  I can still remember getting the email that told me a stranger subscribed to my blog.  I think I might have cried. I definitely reported it to The Boy as my BIG NEWS of the day.  Now I have MANY strangers that follow along, and some of those strangers have become my bloggy friends.  It’s a weird little thing, that I think only bloggers get – but I think it’s awesome.
  3. It made me discover SO MANY BLOGS! And LEARN so many new things.  My Google Reader is STACKED with files on knitting, baking, cookies (yes those are separate from baking), veggie meals, DIY, and hundreds of ideas for our someday house. Oddly, I didn’t really start reading blogs until I started writing one – so I have this little blog to thank for that too.
  4. An archive.  I LOVE that I have all of my thoughts are here in one little spot. I love that I have all of my anxiety and excitement about planning our W-day are here. Written down. And I love that I wouldn’t have done it in a paper journal in a million years.
  5. Therapy. Writing has always been therapeutic for me.  The journals I do have are really sad and negative from periods in my life where I needed to write it out in order to work out my feelings. That makes for a pretty negative record (see above).  But The Twenties Roar has been a space where I’ve been able to work out some of the stress of being in my twenties, living with a boy, not having ducks. And I’ve gotten a lot of support for the posts that I’ve published.  (Thanks for that by the way!) I’ve also been able to work out some of my less publishable stress by writing here and keeping it private. (Yes, it’s true I don’t publish every single thought in my head) Typically the posts I don’t make public are those that effect someone else who hasn’t chosen to make their lives public – and I’m fine with that – but sometimes I still need the therapy and The Twenties Roar has been that for me.

Now a video – a YouTube Friday that I saw last night.  Lion tries to eat baby.  You’re welcome Brother.


The Twenties Roar has been good to me, and hopefully you’ve gotten something out of it too.  I’m really sad to say goodbye to the title. But I’m also really excited to start fresh with a new blog.  It feels rejuvenating.

Thank you to each and every person who has ever read a single post on this little blog. I appreciate the love and support more than I could ever say. I hope you’ll continue to check in with me at my new home. And I hope even more that I’m able to smoothly transition you to the new site – eek! Just in cases, there might be ONE more post here, to direct you to my new home.

Have a GREAT weekend – and maybe wish me luck!

Predicting the Future

First things First.  A little housekeeping.

  1. I have renamed my blog. I won’t reveal until Monday – D-day if you will. But the blog has a name. Thank goodness. Creativity on a deadline is truly a bitch!  Luckily I will never have to go through that again.  That is your clue.  This new blog name is permanent.
  2. I’m hoping that sometime between now and Monday I will be able to figure out a way to transfer from The Twenties Roar to – New Blog Title without messing up your subscriptions, Google Reader settings etc. etc.  I’m not feeling terribly confident that I’m going to be able to do it – so if I can’t, please accept my 1000 apologies and follow the link to the new blog where you can subscribe again.  That is the worst case scenario – I’m really hoping I can figure it out on my own and it won’t inconvenience anyone. Fingers Crossed.
  3. I have made another 2 recipes from Vegan Cooking for Carnivores – this is my review, Ellen and Portia are seriously lucky that Roberto Martin is their chef.  Seriously this book is so yummy!

Alright. Now that that’s out of the way and we looked back on the Twenties –  let’s look forward shall we?

Now, life goals or bucket list type things – I’m not so much about those yet.  I don’t really have the ability to think that far ahead. And also planning things to do before I die = creepy.

So instead I’m going to go with things I’m looking forward to about my thirties. In general.  No specific time frames. (Read – Mom and Mom-in-Law don’t get too excited about some of these things)

  1. Feeling like I’ve got a PL.  What’s a PL? It’s the first half of PLAN. The twenties are “exciting” or “filled with anxiety” depending on your outlook and for me the most stressful part of what is supposed to be exciting is not having even a P. Never mind putting ducks in a row, for most of my twenties I didn’t have ducks. Or a pond. Or anything.  I went to school for the majority of the decade, and with post-graduation came a lot of feelings that I was behind the 8-ball in general.  I looked at people I went to High School with who had big kid jobs, were getting married and buying houses and I felt like I was falling behind… fast.  Of course the rational part of me would say I did more school than most – but sometimes the rational brain doesn’t really kick in full blast. Anyway, I don’t really feel like that anymore.  Sure now I have friends who have husbands, and houses, and babies – maybe it’s because I can see those things on the horizon, or maybe I’m just feeling oddly calm and positive today – but I don’t really feel like I’m behind.  I’ve got a PL, and that’s good enough.
  2. Working in an organization that has opportunity for movement. I know I can’t rule the world right away, but I’ve found myself on the receiving end of some very nice comments in my first 6 months at the new job. “People” (I don’t know who) are “noticing my ability to write.” I don’t know what this means or what opportunities these “people” have in mind. But the fact that I know opportunities exist is pretty great.  I think it’s probably helping with the calm feelings about the PL.
  3. Being healthy.  I’ve been sick and on antibiotics for most of my Twenties.  Nothing super serious – I’m not dying or anything, but it’s definitely taken a toll on my system.  I’ve spent the last 4 years fighting to get things under control, and it’s going well – but I’m looking forward to having it go well and then some.  The Boy is probably reading this and thinking – “Oh God, we’re going to cut out meat even more!” and planning his speech about how he’s not becoming a vegetarian.  Calm down Boy.  No one asked you to be a vegetarian.  I think every person’s food “journey” is a personal one, and all I’m saying is I’m looking forward to continuing on that path of wellness.
  4. Travel.  The Boy and I have been nowhere.  That’s not true. As a kid I have seen most of Canada – it’s a pretty awesome country, and various cities in the US.  The Boy has been to Florida, Calgary and Mt. Tremblant.  That’s about it. While I’m hoping we can cross an ocean sooner rather than later, I’ll be happy with the ability to discover new places with The Boy. Canada, United States, Sunny Island in the middle of winter or top of the Eiffel Tower – I’ll take any of it.
  5. Family.  When I was thinking back on my Twenties I was reminded of how many times a member of my immediate family tried to check out early.  I don’t like that. While we were all extremely close to start with, I’m looking forward to that continuing without the various health crises.  Do you hear that family? I’m predicting everyone is going to stay healthy and we will continue to be ridiculously close. Please do your part.  Thank you.
  6. Family 2.0. Yes, it’s true.  At some point The Boy and I will expand our little family.  Not now.  Not even soon. But sometime.  I’m looking forward to that. That is all.

Six things. Should we take bets on how many things pan out? I’m obviously hopeful that they all do – because honestly, I don’t think they’re a whole lot to ask. But I’m pretty certain they won’t all go smoothly, or maybe they will go smoothly but not in the particular smooth way I think they should. That’s life right?!


What do you think? Do big birthdays make you revisit your PLAN (or PL if that’s all you’ve got so far)?

Also – has anyone out there transitioned a blog? If you can help me out – I’d love you forever.  I don’t have much, but I do have knit-wear. Anyone?!


One More Week

This time next week, I’ll be Th… thhhh… thir… THIRTY. Can you believe it? I thought I’d spend this week doing what I do best, looking back and looking forward to figure out where I am. Looking back on The Twenties Roar, some highlights, some lowlights. Looking forward to…  the next decade (oh sure I could reveal the new title – if I had one!)

Looking back, I can’t help but think of why I started blogging in the first place. Basically, Sista told me to.

And what inspired the title and the tagline. It’s just such an exciting time! That was a direct quote from the Biz actually. She told me how exciting your twenties are, just as you finish school and start working, and start setting up your life. EXCITING RIGHT?! No. Wrong. Scary. Stressful.

I made plans about money.

I made decisions about how we would eat.

The Boy and I moved in together – he brought a green beer fridge. I brought chickpeas.

I knit.

I read.

I got engaged.

I planned a wedding.

Got married.

I made lists.

I progressed my career.

I wrote over 350 posts about it all.

And you know what? It was exciting. And in 20 years when I am talking to some girl in her 20s I will tell her – it’s such an exciting time. Because let’s face it – it is. Is it stressful? Yes. Is it frustrating when you’re trying to figure out what to do with the rest of your life, and when you ask people they say “Oh it’ll just come together.” Absolutely.

But at the end of the day, I’ll look back on the last decade as the one where I met my husband. Completed 2 degrees. Lived with my sister.  Lived on my own. Lived in and fell in love with my city.  Lived with the Boy. Got married. Learned to write. Learned to love writing. Learned to find my voice. Made lists. Crossed things off. Stopped drinking milk. Became a week-day vegetarian.  Brought meat back into my life. Went 6 months without sugar. Met my Naturopath. Stayed strong against peer pressure, and didn’t drink coffee, smoke a cigarette or pot. Learned to love the chickpea. Said goodbye to my first dog. Discovered Google Reader. Surprised myself with who I fell in love with. Learned to love the opportunity to be a little bit country. Confirmed the strength of my family. Over and over again. Cried a little and laughed a lot. Was hit on by homeless men, on multiple occasions. Was called Miss by known drug dealer. Became an urban farmer. Moved to Northern Ontario. The list goes on.
10 years ago was a long time ago, and the only regret I can think of is not starting to blog earlier. I’m really looking forward to having the next decade of my life completely documented.  To go through the next stage together, with a virtual support group that checks in with me regularly and whether you comment or not, I feel your love and love you right back.
Thursday, predicting the future – so I can laugh at how wrong I was when the future does what it wants.

The Countdown is on…

T minus 20 days people. D-day is coming.

May 7. This girl turns the big 3-0.

30 means a few things.

1. I am old – (I’m actually not that freaked out – I just like to be dramatic, don’t tell the Boy)

2. My twenties have come to an end.

3. (And this is the most important) The Twenties Roar is no longer appropriate.

On Saturday night while the Boy was watching “Bering Sea Gold” – one of the more quality shows on Discovery – (read: it’s ridiculous) I started to think about turning 30. Do you know what I found out? thedirtythirties.wordpress.com is taken but not active. Balls. I could go legit and become thedirtythirties.ca but this hiccup in my plan gave me pause to try and think of something else.

I’ve gone over why I think The Dirty Thirties works: the thirties are all about kids (eventually) and kids are all about poop and poop is dirty – and that’s funny.  Plus another historical reference – history + consistency = awesome. Third, if the twenties are all about everything being exciting and new, then maybe I can anticipate the thirties being all about getting down and dirty (get your mind out of the gutter) – I’m married, I have a job, I’m now making decisions on how I want to live my life – for reals.

But on the other hand…

The Dirty Thirties lasts me another 10 years. And while yes, that’s likely an ample time frame – part of me thinks I should be thinking of something that’s permanent. Brandable. Won’t solicit viewers that are looking for porn.

But here’s the issue – I can’t think of another option.

So – fellow bloggers… I’m not looking for you to give me a new title (though if you’ve got something brilliant please feel free to share) rather, how did you name your blog? And did you have to change the name of your blog – my God how did you do it?


YouTube Friday

No I haven’t gotten engaged and promptly given up all of my hobbies.

No I haven’t had absolutely no random thoughts to share in the last week.

No I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, or had some kind of tragic accident.

I’m here. 

Yes, I do co-coordinate a Holiday Hamper program providing “Holiday gifts” for families in need through my work.

Yes, this has meant for VERY busy work days lately.

Yes, this means I am simply exhausted by the time I get home.

Yes, the camera cord is still lost.

Yes, my mom brought me a new one.  No, it wasn’t the right one.  Yes, my sista is scoping out hers to give to me this weekend.

Yes, I have brilliant posts stirring in my brain to share with you next week.

Yes, I’m promising that next week will be better.

Yes, there’s a good chance that may turn out to be a lie.


Alas, it is 2 weeks ’til Christmas Eve and in that spirit and continuing my love of all things Muppets.  I give you The Ringing of the Bells

If it’s not working go here

And because I’ve been such a slacker this week

I give you the 12 Muppets of Christmas

And if it’s not loading properly you can find it here

Happy 2 weeks to Christmas

AND Happy Friday!

Who is your favourite muppet?

It’s like I’m famous

Well my loyal readers – I’m going to need to redirect your attention today to my new friend Jacki over at The Raven’s Spell.  That’s where you’ll find my words of wisdom today since Jacki so kindly asked me to guest post for her.  Woot Woot! I’m so excited and flattered. 

Jacki is part of my SITS tribe – she writes a little bit of everything and Monday’s is her book review day. Curious to see what I wrote about?  I’ll give you a clue, it’s not a review of one book

That’s all you get!  If you’d like to find out more you’ll have to go see Jacki.

Are you interested in having me guest post – or maybe you’d like to write something here… let me know I’d love to hear from you!

Late to my own party

For those who know me you’re likely well aware that I am always late.  It drives the Boy B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I like to think of it as my tragic flaw.  Doesn’t every hero have one?  The one thing that stops them from completely taking over the world?  I think so.  Lateness is definitely mine.

I’m not generally late for work.  Although living 5 minutes away probably helps with that.  But social events, homework assignments, and remembering birthdays? Late. Late. Late.

I have the best of intentions.  It’s something about myself that I try to change.  Daily. I try to leave myself lots of time to get ready, but I always seem to underestimate the time it takes to either get to where I’m going, or I haven’t ironed my outfit, or I think “I’ve got loads of time I’ll just clean up the kitchen a bit before I go.”  Next thing you know, I’ve left late. And when you leave late.  You arrive late.  And despite best efforts… you’re late… again.

While it may drive the Boy crazy, I like to think of it as endearing.  When I arrive late to meet one of those people that know me best, I always apologize – I really do try and be on time.  Generally though they laugh it off and say “Of course you’re late, you’re always late” and we continue on our way.

But this time.  This time I really thought I was going to be on the ball.  This time I’ve been thinking about what I would do weeks in advance. This time I just forgot to check the date – and I missed it.  The blog party I was planning for myself.  I can’t beat myself up too much about it though… it’s only fitting.

Happy 1st Birthday to The Twenties Roar!  I started this blog on October 9, 2009, over at Blogger (maybe I’ll get the date right form my Wordpress birthday)  To be honest I thought it was later than that, and that’s why I’m late.  I thought  it was around November 2nd.  Turns out no.  And I’m late to my own party.

In belated celebration of this momentous occasion I’d like to add a new page to my blog.  Favourites.  But I need some help.

I have a few of my favourites – like the Hypothetical Fight or My Very First Post but I want to know what are yours?  What brought a smile to your day?

Was it my thoughts on Pay Day? Or maybe when the boy tried to kill me when we went Swimming with Dolphins?  My recent trip to the Emergency Room seemed to generate quite the discussion.

So grab a Chai Tea Latte, cozy up to your computer, take a walk through (my) memory lane and let me know which ones you liked in the comments.  My favourites page should give new readers a snap shot of The Twenties Roar if they’ve just found me. 

Help me let them know what they’ve been missing.

Quitting my job to pursue life as a blog reader

This world of blogging is a funny one. Since I’ve joined SITS I’ve been opened up to a whole new world, of people all over the world, of all ages and stages.  What’s funny is… I feel like I know them.

Take Molly.  If you’ll recall she was the one that reinvigorated my blog.  I had taken a hiatus over the winter, but unknowingly she got me going again, and I haven’t looked back.  A couple of months ago Molly made an announcement. These Little Moments was finally welcoming This Little Baby into the world. I was sitting at home when I read it and said to the Boy, “Molly had her baby!” To which he obviously replied, “Who is Molly?”  When I reminded him he said, “You don’t even know her, why are you so excited?”  I was a bit affronted.  Of course I know her.  I’ve been following This Little Baby’s progress for months now!

Next up, Pajama Days.  I first found this blog the day she was featured on Freshly Pressed.  Normally that would be a GREAT day! But her post was on the death of a very dear family member, her dog.  I cried.  A lot.  I thought, I should go back here, but Pajama Days got lost in the mix until she was featured again on Freshly Pressed (*slightly jealous).  I thought, “Oh! I remember liking her, I wonder what she’s up to now?”  What I found after some snooping – she was expecting, and is now the proud mother to a tiny new bundle of fluff Luna.  Hurray!  Once again, so excited for her… I do not know these people.  But I do.

And it’s not just limited to blogs.  I feel a personal relationship with my podcasters too.  Josh and Chuck? I love these guys!  I’m still catching up but in one I listened to the other day, Josh announced he had quit smoking.  I was overjoyed!  Hurray! Good for you Josh! That’s such great news!  Then I heard a podcast on How Redheads Work, ahem, I am a redhead!  It’s like they’re speaking right to me.  Then they said their dream would be meet a left-handed redhead, because that would just be the best of all rarities.  Well I may not be left handed, but my dear old Dad sure is, and a redhead (well, more a grayhead but at one time it was red).  C’mon over to my house guys – he’ll entertain you with fun facts for hours.

Enter SITS who sends me an email every morning with a new and exciting blog to read.  Some of them are not for me, focussed on crafts for toddlers, or life in the mommy world.  But then SITS did something wonderful.  They introduced a forum feature on their page, and created a further opportunity to get to know a smaller group of bloggers, based on similarities between blogs.  If you check out the comments you may have noticed an abundance of them in the last week or so.  I’m a Flipper, and Flippers write Popouri blogs (a little bit of everything).  Let’s just say, I. am. in. HEAVEN! 

The only problem, now I’ve got a whole new slew of blogs to read everyday on my Google Reader – I just don’t have the time for this AND working… I see only one solution.  Quit working.  Seems reasonable to me. Better than additional readers for me, and extra comment love a couple of the Flippers (in response to one of the daily tasks for our group) asked me to guest post on their blogs.  OMG! It’s like I’m famous.  In return there will be some new talent here, and I couldn’t be more excited. 

So  here’s some of the new faces I’m getting to know – I HIGHLY suggest you get to know them too.  They’re women, and they write a little bit about everything.  Honestly, what could be better?!

A Little Cup of Comfort

Does this Blog Make Me Look Fat?

Dutch Being Me

Formerly Gracie

Lifestyle Maven

Modern Gypsy

No Longer 25

Reenie’s Scribbles

Stuff I Think About

The Young and Relentless

I don’t think I missed anyone – but Flippers if you’re not here let me know so I can stop missing your awesomeness!

What other blogs should I be reading?  Do you have other favourites?

Picking up where you leave off

Not just picking up with friends – which was where the title came from a week ago when I first typed it, but with this blog.  Not suer if you noticed, but I sort of dropped off the planet.  Sorry about that.  So I’ve considered doing a mad post of all the things I have been doing the past couple of weeks instead of blogging… hmmm.  This blog is to for me to keep a record of my life to look back on – and the Boy have been busy living the life I want to remember, it seems silly to skim over the busy parts and give special attention to the everyday parts.

So I’m compromising, I’ll condense but I won’t skim over.

This takes me to event #1 A Date with K8

Do you have a friend that you don’t see a lot, maybe they live in another country, or province (my case) or maybe they live down the street, but your lives took you in different places and you just don’t seem to see eachother as much as you know you should?  I’m sure a lot of people can relate – there’s someone you don’t see but once you do, it’s like you saw them yesterday.  It’s a great feeling.  Picking up where you leave off.  Like they never left.  Like you’re still 21 living in an apartment together, going to school and hanging out on the couch.  That was my date with K8.

She arrived fashionably late, mostly because she left late, and we apparently live a ridiculous distance from civilization (read Toronto).  But once she arrived there was wine, there was gossip, there was talking about boys, and of course talk about the Boy.  Talk about family, friends, travel, school plans, job plans, weddings (ours and others) and of course her plans to move home to me.  And then the Boy came home – and finished making us dinner (I had prepared, he BBQ’d).

Something that makes a great friend even greater – when they love your Boy as much as they love you.  Once the Boy got home he and K8 were able to pick up where they left off and we all went to Dairy Queen for Children’s Miracle Network Blizzards!  As a side note Dairy Queen has a new size – Mini! It’s really the perfect amount of ice cream.  There’s just one problem, it’s $2.99! $3 for a teeny tiny blizzard.  It may be the perfect amount of ice cream, but it’s a total rip off.  For as often as I go to Dairy Queen – I think I’ll probably suck up the stomach ache and stick with a Small.

The Boy went to bed by 10:30 (a late night for him) while K8 and I stayed up talking for another 2 hours.  I couldn’t even tell you all the things we talked about – we just talked.  We caught up, we recapped, we analyzed, we laughed, and when she very reluctantly had to leave – I could have cried.

That’s the bittersweet part about the great friend you can pick right up with, it makes you wish you didn’t have to pick back up where you left off.  It makes you wish you didn’t have to pick up at all – that she was just there, in your everyday, all the time.

That’s why she needs to move back to the T-dot.  STAT.

So K8, when you’re reading this – book your ticket, pack your stuff, and get back here.  I had a great night and I think you’ll agree, it’d be great if we could do it more frequently than semi-annually!