Funniest Musical Ever

The Boy and I got the wonderful opportunity to see The Book of Mormon recently – and as I was sitting there LOLing, I knew I had to blog about it.

The Book of Mormon is brought to you by the South Park guys and a the clever mind that brought the world Avenue Q.  If you’re not a South Park fan – you might be after seeing this play.  It’s freakin’ funny.

Here’s the thing that I wasn’t expecting and why I knew I had to write a little somethin’ somethin’.

I didn’t find it offensive.  Of course, I’m not Mormon.  But it made me think of some of Catholic satire that exists in the world. Is it flippant? Yes. Are there crude parts? Yes.  Are there parts that openly mock – absolutely.  But when you tell the story of any of the world’s religions out loud do they sound a little crazy? I think so.  That’s why it’s called Faith.

Sure, there are some raunchy parts and one song and dance in particular that I’m pretty sure the whole cast is going to hell for – but the Boy and I both agreed, we left feeling uplifted. It was nice.  Try your best and be nice to everyone. That’s not a bad takeaway. According to the final song and dance – Mormon’s are so polite and happy because they know tomorrow is a “latter day”

The best part? The programme. 3 full page ads promoting The Book of Mormon.  All featuring, happy faced people and lines like “I’ve read the Book” “The Book is always better” and “You’ve seen the play now read the book”  with a QR code to


Why fight it?

I read an article shortly after the play opened on Broadway, I don’t remember all of what it was about but I do remember that the official line from the Church was something to the effect of ~ The play may entertain for audiences for the evening, but this book will change your life.

Well played.

If you have the opportunity to see The Book of Mormon – do it.  It’s funny, it’s heart-warming and you’ll be singing new show tunes in the shower for at least the next 3 weeks.

Or maybe that’s just me.

You Tube Friday – “Not just for gays anymore”

Hands up everyone that loves Neil Patrick Harris?  Have you been loving him as long as I have? From the time you were 7?

Or did your love affair begin with How I Met Your Mother? Do you find yourself loving Barney despite his womanizing ways?

Or maybe you just have a man crush on him.  Seems like a good guy to have a beer with – no?

Well, either way this week’s post is for you.

Last weekend was the Tony Awards.  Even though I love theatre it never occurred to me to watch the Tony Awards.  But I had heard that my BFF NPH was hosting – which I thought would be pretty funny.  Unfortunately there was a Boy watching a hockey game at my house on Sunday, a boy who would never agree to watching any awards show let alone the Tony Awards.  So I checked in on YouTube this week to see what I missed.

Turns out I missed a lot:

I missed the memo that Broadway is not just for gays anymore.

I missed the memo that Daniel Radcliffe can sing and can play other characters than Harry Potter.

I missed handsome man Hugh Jackman throwing down broadway styles with my boyfriend

And he didn’t lose momentum by the end sending us off with his mad ad lib rap skills

So next year, I’m putting the Tony Awards on my list.  Turns out I didn’t know that this awards show is actually exciting and worth watching.  Having watched the many many more videos available on YouTube – the Tony’s showcase performances from all of the current season’s musicals.  Who knew?  Not me.