A Lollapalooza

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I can officially check something off my 30 While I’m 30 list.

This weekend I got the Boy a Lollapalooza.  While a recent trip to dictionary.com has informed me that Lollapalooza refers to something extraordinary or unusual, a person, thing or event or an exceptional example or instance – in my family a lollapalooza refers to a little present, that someone has bought for you for no particular reason.

A couple days after making my list, I brought the Boy home a peanut butter cookie from Starbucks. I told him I got him a present and gave him the cookie and his response was “this doesn’t count as my present.”  I told him he couldn’t continue to accept presents and deny they were presents just to get a bigger or better present out of me.  He said he wouldn’t – but a cookie is not a present. As it turns out, the new peanut butter cookie at Starbucks is AMAZING! Not as sweet as the other cookies – and really chewy… it was totally worthy of the present category. But since I ate part of it, I had to agree – I couldn’t quite cross the present off my list.

But this weekend, I got the Boy a little somethin’ somethin’ and he agreed – it could count as a present.

Apple TV.

We’ve been talking for a while about getting rid of our cable.  Honestly, I would be happy if we could at least get down to basic cable.  Sports is really the only reason we have as many channels as we do.  But since basically everything is streamed online somewhere, I see paying for cable as more and more of a scam everyday.

With Apple TV we can now stream from our computer, or iPad directly to Stevie – the TV.

Since we recently got a new computer (yeah!) we now have the ability to download movies and tv shows – and Apple TV let’s us stream them wirelessly to Stevie instead of physically attaching our computer to Stevie.

And why was getting the Boy a present on my list in the first place? Two reasons, when we did our marriage prep class, I learned that the Boy’s love language is receiving a gift.  So – I’m honouring the love language lesson and letting the Boy know that I love him.  Aww…

Before you go thinking I’m a total Sappy McSapperson – my second reason was to encourage the Boy to in turn find me a lollapalooza.

Lead by example.

So now we are officially Apple TVers.  This week we need to try and watch any sports deemed necessary by the Boy through Apple TV and then I can ditch cable.  Woot!

No commercials and no $70 monthly bill?  Yes please.