Chillin’ with the Family on Family Day

The American’s have President’s day and for Canadians living in Ontario or Alberta – we’ve got Family Day.  A long weekend in February, quite possibly the most brilliant idea ever. I love a long weekend that doesn’t have an event involved in it.

The Boy and I had a pretty low-key Family Day weekend, but we did hang out with the family and we did have some productivity.

The Boy,  the Brother and I headed to Lowes on Saturday afternoon to embark on a family adventure that could end in disaster or the start of a new family business.  The business of ottoman making.

Getting all the pieces - I heart Lowes

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago I shared this picture

are we handy enough?

And I thought DIYing would either result in a BEAUTIFUL custom made piece of furniture and a great sense of accomplishment, or shenanigans.

I’m happy to report that we are halfway there. We have a great sense of accomplishment – but it’s not quite beautiful yet.

some handy work of handymen

If you’re in need of a storage ottoman – I know two boys that can help you out.  But I can also tell you that from our first DIY experience – DIY doesn’t always mean cheaper.  We’re at about 25% of the cost of the one we were looking at at Urban Barn – but we haven’t bought batting or fabric yet.  I hear fabric can be expensive.

Plus – labour is expensive.

These boys aren’t cheap.

fabric me

The rest of the weekend included a family dinner, a family knitting bee, a family effort to clean our dirty house, and a family walk.  Different family members for each of these events, but in the cold and snow of February, I’d rather spend a long weekend with the family than the President!

Blog Swap

No YouTube Friday today… and a little late… but all with good reason…

I’m going international!

Allow me to introduce Jade from Now That I’m No Longer 25.  Jade is, as the title suggests, no longer 25 and we’ve bonded over our mutual love of being 20-somethings. Jade regularly posts lists of 10 things, and when I asked if she’d guest post for me she had the brilliant idea of swapping lists – below is Jade’s list of 10 reasons it’s GREAT to be Scottish, and you can find my list on her blog – 10 reasons it’s GREAT to be Canadian!  So go check her and her adventures out – me thinks you’ll love her!

10 Great Reasons to be Scottish

 1. When you travel abroad it’s common for people to tell you that they love your accent, I do get this fairly regularly: “I love you accent, you’re from Ireland – right?”. Well maybe some parts of the world believe I’m Irish but they’re generally just as happy when I tell them I’m actually Scottish. It seems there’re a lot of Scottish people spread throughout the world and there’s a lot of people with Scottish ancestry – especially in North America!

 2. You’re hardy; that is, you can cope with the cold weather; this means that you really appreciate those occasional warm days. If you’ve spent some time in Scotland – or probably even just a day, I’m sure you’ll agree the weather is interesting, one minute you’re considering getting the sun cream out, the next there’s hail stones. I really enjoy living somewhere there are seasons and although I like to get some sunshine I prefer a mix of warm and cold.

3. The mountains; the scenery in the UK attracts a lot of tourist, there’s plenty of mountains to view – there’s also the opportunity to climb them if you’re that way inclined. Living in Scotland, I get to be around beautiful scenery all the time.

4. Scotland has a wild and colourful history with the Castles remaining a reminder of past battles. There’s something exciting and humbling about being from a country with such an interesting history.

5. A typical postcard picture from Scotland is a view of the many Lochs the best known of which is Loch Ness with Nessie the Monster. There’s also Lock Eilt which starred in two of the Harry Potter films – there’s even a steam train which travels over the bridge there. Scotland not only provides beautiful loch views but it’s a country with no shortage of clean water, something none of us can live without. (There has to be some advantage for putting up with all that rain!)

6. No matter where you go in Scotland you’re never far from the sea, the furthest place is in Perthshire and it’s less than 100km from the sea. There’s also nothing nasty in the sea – no sharks, no giant poisonous jellyfish – although not everyone is brave enough to paddle in the cold North Sea.


7. You can walk around in your country and know that, in general, it’s a safe place to be. I’ve visited other countries where I had to travel everywhere by car, sometimes to places where it wasn’t safe to walk out of the front gates of your house. Experiencing this made me really appreciate being brought up in a country without these worries.

8. Scotland produces the world famous whisky or Scotch as some countries insist on referring to it! Generally people assume if you’re Scottish you’re able to have a few drinks and enjoy a wee dram or two.

9. You get to be around men in kilts, you can watch them taking part in contests at the Highland Games, take tourist pictures of them playing the bagpipes in Edinburgh or even try a dance or two with a kilted gentleman at a ceilidh.

10. Ceilidh dancing: You can go to ceilidhs and generally if you’re Scottish you know most of the dances thanks to enduring the years at primary and secondary school having to learn the dances, dancing with boys! It’s great fun to be spun round and round.


THANKS JADE – I’m definitely highlighting Scotland as one of my places to visit!