Farewell old friend

There’s been a death in the family.  We I knew it was coming.  Others were in more denial.  I thought she would last until we moved.  Others were apparently convinced she would live forever.

Alas, everything has it’s season.  And nothing can live forever.

The Red Rocket has passed.

The Boy is really sad.  (I don’t really know why, since he barely drove it the last 2 years and being a one car family has very little impact on him).  It might be because he returned his plates today.  The plates he’s had since his first car when he was 18 (also a red boat-like car). Maybe it’s because the car was his Grandpa’s and while his Grandpa is still alive and well – his daily reminder of Grandpa’s generosity has moved on to the scrap yard.  Maybe it’s because it was him who finally blew it up – not his fault, but I’m glad it wasn’t me who had just turned the car on when it went BANG and died. Maybe it’s because he really wanted it to make it to 250,000 km – I think it had about 247,000. Maybe it’s because the scrap yard only gave him  $250 and he’s finally realized that we’ve poured good money after bad into that car for far too long.

Maybe it’s just a Boy thing – Boys and cars? That’s a thing right?

Maybe it’s none of those things.  It doesn’t really matter – none of those reasons are going to bring her back.

She’s dead.  Good and dead. I saw the engine.  There were pieces visibly broken, things that had clearly exploded when he turned the key that last time.

They said they could fix the broken cover for $500, but after that they would do a diagnostic on the engine and it may require rebuilding the engine depending on how much damage was done in the BANG.  The Boy said, “No thanks.”  The mechanic said “Good decision.”

Good decision is right.

So we’re a one car family for now. The plan is to move,  get settled, and then go car shopping.  Nothing like doing everything all at once, right?!

Bank Gods and Car Gods I tell you.

What are you gonna do?

Clean out the trunk and move on.


Baby it’s COLD outside

Or at least that’s what I’m hoping the problem is….

The car wouldn’t start this morning.  ARGH.

The good news – you can knit while riding the bus and I turned out another 10 rows on my sock.  We’re on a DEADLINE here people!

In other good news I received this email this morning

A little blurry – but she has come to save the day.  Pictures of my random knitting escapades to follow tomorrow!  And our mad Christmas Tree decorating adventures of this evening.

Hot Wheels and High Heels – 2.0


I held out as long as possible.  I didn’t want to do it.  But now that I have, I must admit… it’s awesome!

Any guesses? Anyone? Anyone?

A Car.  I’m driving a car to work.  We are now a two car household.  I was determined to hold out as long as possible – but the Boy’s car has been making some concerning noises lately, and Mom and Dad recently purchased a lovely 2010 GMC Terrain, (silver for those who wanted to know).  What’s even better? They gave us their 2003 Toyota Camry. Sweet!

My first thoughts were – we’ll of course get rid of the Boy’s car and stay a one car household.  But the Boy had other ideas.  He brought up the excellent point that he’s going to be out several nights a week this winter and perhaps I will not want to be stuck in the suburbs sans vehicle.  Good point.  He also suggested that since our goal is to put off a car payment as long as possible – what if in a couple of months we get new jobs and both have to commute further than around the corner.  Won’t it seem silly to have just gotten rid of a second free car?  I knew I kept him around for a reason – so logical.

So I’m driving now.  And I’m really surprised just how fast I’ve gotten used to it.  In honour of my new status and saying goodbye to York Region Transit.  I give you my Top 5 reasons why driving is way better than bussing:

  1. When it rains it pours – Mother Nature has been making sure I’m SUPER grateful for my new status.  It’s been pouring rain during my regularly scheduled walk times.
  2. Goodbye sensible footwear.  I no longer need to think about whether or not I can walk a mile in my shoes.  I can pick any pair and off I go.  Yesterday heels, today wedges.  Awesome!
  3. Leaving on my timeline.  Helpful in the morning – even more so at night.  I don’t need to dash out of work at exactly the right time to ensure I don’t miss my bus, leaving me to wait 45 minutes for the next one.
  4. 15 extra minutes in the morning = AWESOME.
  5. My 4.5 km commute now takes a reasonable 5-7 minutes instead of 25.  Sweet.

I’m sure I’ll feel bad eventually about the environmental dammage added by one more car on the road, but for right now my shoes are cute and I’m lovin’ every minute!