Happy Halloween!

Gordon and Lamb Chop hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! And don’t worry they’re both here to save the day whenever needed.

Yes we did buy her a SuperGirl costume. Yes. We did underestimate her size and end up with a fat (furry really) dog in a little coat.
Yes we did buy another costume.

No.  She did not like it.

But alas, she is Wonder Woman and she does what the world needs.

Halloween Babies

The Boy and aren’t really the dressing up type.  Sure there was that one year where we went as Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Sista, BFF Kate and I in bear hats, tails and regular clothes and The Boy is a beautiful dress, and blonde wig…. but that was a long time ago.

It’s not news to anyone that Halloween has gotten increasingly slutty over the last number of years.  Take that year for example, we thought our costume was pretty awesome, 6’8″ Goldilocks? C’mon that’s awesome.  But the winner at the bar that night was “dressed” as Eve, as in Adam and.  She wore a nude bodysuit with strategically placed leaves.  She looked completely naked.

This year we didn’t do anything. We didn’t give out candy (we weren’t home and at our apartment we don’t get many little ones anyway).  We came home last night and The Boy was checking his Facebook, and here’s what he had to say on the matter.

Boy – “I think I’m getting old.”

Me – “Why?”

Boy – “It used to be that I’d check my Facebook after Halloween and there would be all kinds of pictures of slutty looking girls.  Now, there’s nothing but babies….. When did this happen?”

I don’t know buddy…. I don’t know.

This has been another episode of Things the Boy Says.