The Countdown Counts Down…

The Countdown to 3:00 tick-tocked away, and it was time for both The Boy and I to get ready and get photographed.  Thanks again to West Photo – as promised a photo heavy post to make up for the missed week!

We both had some help getting ready.

The Boy had help with his tie

I had help with my shoes

The Boy posed by the window

And so did I.

The Boy was feeling a little nervous (and hungover)

I was too (nervous not hungover) – but my family heckled me to make sure I kept laughing.

The Boy hung out with his Boys

My Girls were still getting made up – so I hung out with the girls I always need most.

The Boy’s parents were ready to go

My parents were ready to go…. which meant

20 more photos with the car and we were ready to go!

Single Digits and Seating Plans

We ended up with 139 but alas… still 14 tables + a head table.  W-guests are you reading this? We mixed you up! Come prepared to make new friends. We tried to get it down to 13 guest tables… but as much as we tried it could not be done. I think it’s going to be good.

So if you see me on W-day a kind request say to me:

“You look beautiful Meaghan, I’m so happy for you and the Boy.  This is the best wedding ever! I’m having so much fun and I LOVE my table.”


9 days left.


The Countdown Continues – 3 Months!

This week’s regularly scheduled program has been interrupted to bring you this W-Day special news bulletin:


You may recall the lengthy list of to dos we had for this month.  Having just reviewed it myself, I’d say we did pretty well.  No wonder I feel like we’ve been doing so much recently!

What we did this month:

  • The Boy turned 30 this month – we happily celebrated our last year, and his last birthday as a singleton
  • We had a bunch of conversations with our Priest and in the end decided to change churches.  I now feel much happier avoiding confrontation altogether, but did have an odd experience of cancelling something for the wedding – not something I would like to do more of (the person on the other end of the phone was so worried and sad for me).
  • We ordered beautiful dresses for all the maids of awesome.  A miracle dress that somehow looks amazing on everyone.
  • We solved the great tux vs. suit debate with an awesome deal and AMAZING suits for all
  • I created and ordered invitations.  They’ve arrived.  They’re beautiful.  But you don’t get to see them until they’ve been received by their intended recipients.  For now I’ll give you this tease.

HAHA Tricked You!

  • We picked the Readings for our ceremony.
  • We bought everything for the bathroom baskets
  • We’ve almost picked all of the music for our ceremony
  • We picked a location for our rehearsal dinner but won’t have a date until our Priest can check the new church’s schedule
  • Still collecting ideas for centrepieces – and will likely do our warehouse tour in another few weeks
  • The Boy called Steamwhistle (his favourite beer) and booked a delivery of kegs

  • I got W-Day shoes and the Boy’s W-Day tie!
  • Booked my hair trial
  • We had our engagement pictures done last weekend, we haven’t seen them yet – so I’ll post once I’ve got evidence of how beautiful they are.  But another sneak peak they involved this beauty:

PPC Streetcars were used in Toronto in the 1950s

It’s getting down to details time so here’s what we still need to do:

  • Mail the invitations
  • Set rehearsal date, book restaurant and invite the peeps
  • I’d like as many things done as early as possible which means printing the rest of the stationary items
  • Hotel welcome bags
  • Make a wine decision
  • Another party! Hooray!
  • Finalize rentals and choose appetizers
  • Shop for wedding bands
  • I think I should be able to visit my dress soon!
  • Start thinking about thinking about day-of and week-before timelines
  • Under the dress shopping
  • Shop for W-party thank you gifts
  • Order ties for groomsmen
  • Finalize ceremony music
  • DJ Play and Do Not Playlists

I think there’s more I want done this month… but this is inducing enough panic for one day.

92 Days to go!

Did somebody say 4 months to go?

I know I’ve said this before – but honestly I feel pretty okay with wedding plans until I get to these countdown/update posts.  And then, my panic attack kicks in.

Nonetheless, here it is for better or worse:

  • I’ve finished our wed-site
  • We learned some ultimate party survival strategies at our Engagement Party
  • Sista and I went dress shopping and made a decision about b-maid dresses (first official outing – one dress) all the girls have yet to try them on, so I’ll post about that at the end of the month
  • After looking in bridal stores casually – my Mom waltzed into a Non-Mother-of-the-Bride store and bought the first dress she tried on.  She’s going to look STUNNING!
  • We asked all of our readers to participate and they all graciously agreed – now to choose some readings for them.
  • We’re in the middle of a tux vs. suit debate for the boys… details to follow once a decision is made.
  • We made a decision to go Pro-cake. Still haven’t emailed our baker about a flavour.
  • We taste tested a local restaurant as a contender for our rehearsal Dinner.
  • I got my ears pierced – so I can look like a grown-up on W-day
  • I’ve been gifted my W-day earrings – but still yet to see them
  • I made a decision on W-day shoes, they’re not orange, but they’re pretty!
  • After much debate I made a decision about changing my name
  • I booked a make-up artist for the day, but am still not convinced I made the right choice.
  • I celebrated the last birthday of my roaring twenties, and the last as a single lady.

On the To-Do List:

  • I REALLY need to order invitations
  • A friend of my mom’s has offered to do our centrepieces for us – it is going to involve a trip to a wholesale warehouse and an overwhelming feeling of information overload I’m sure.
  • These boys need to get together and make a decision about what to wear – but it largely depends on what a suit will cost for the Boy (an example of when being a giant is not so handy)
  • We have an Engagement Photo session coming up in early June – they’re going to be awesome and I’m so excited to tell you all about it.
  • Choose readings and songs for the Ceremony and Reception
  • Meet with our Priest to see how far we can push Catholic traditions – I just read the overview on our church’s website and I’m having a small anxiety attack.
  • Thinking about thinking about gifts for our w-party
  • Choose a date for our rehearsal, and a location for a rehearsal dinner.
  • Go b-maid dress shopping and make the order
  • Celebrate the Boy’s big 3-0 and his last birthday as a single gent.


Photo from here