A Weekend with Local Talent

The Boy and I headed to London this past weekend

We hadn’t been home since Christmas, which meant the weekend’s main focus was see as many people as humanly possible while still having meaningful non-rushed visits with each person. All in all I’d say we did pretty well.

We laid low and only checked in with a certain elegant country couple’s growing baby bump on Friday.  Saturday, we checked in with the Boy’s Grandpa home from a month long stint in the hospital. He’s looking better than he has in a long time – which is always good news.

Saturday night we checked in with the SIL and her manfriend and the Boy’s BFF Paul. After watching the Leafs win (finally) we headed out on the town and laughed at the local shenanigans.

BFF Paul no more army = grown out hair. What a rebel

Let’s set the scene:

We drive downtown, and by-pass all the bars with lines – we’re too old to stand outside in the cold. We end up at The Poacher’s Arm a great little bar that was still really busy, but no line.  No real chairs either so we ended up sitting off to the side and watched the youngin’s cause some raucus.

Some context:

Now. I’m a girl.  I went to Univeristy of Western Ontario. I am not nor have I ever been a Western Girl. What we had on our hands was a party of Western Girls. Young girls, dressed to impress and very impressed with themselves. No one tells them no. They do whatever they want. They’re Queen Bees and are followed around by Wannabees. They wear mini dresses and high heels to a pub in March and complain they are cold.  Put on a coat and maybe some pants! They think they are the local talent.  They are not.


We are sitting and listening to The Whiskey Sinners the local talent for the night, and since we were off to the side, and couldn’t see the band we suddenly hear the music stop, and one of the band members say “I’m not going to tell you again, stop touching my equipment” this was followed up by some muffled whining and then “I don’t care if it’s your birthday, stop touching my shit.” and  “NO! You cannot touch the microphone, go sit down.” more muffled whining.  “I’m rude? Well sorry, but I’m pretty sure you’ll get over it.”  And then the music continued and we saw the girls sit down, pull their chairs up as close as possible to the band and proceed to be really, really obnoxious. One had a ribbon pinned to her chest that said “Birthday Girl” another had a ribbon that said “2nd Place.” (The Boy thought this was hilarious).

Behind us comes the bouncer. He’s watching the girls.  I turn to him and say “We’d be happy to take their table if that would make your life easier.” He smiles, “I bet you would! I’d be thrilled for you to take the table, it’s coming soon – I’m just waiting for the right moment.”

It didn’t take much longer after that the girls took their coats and left their primo table. Which we yoinked.  We then enjoyed the rest of the night listening to The Wiskey Sinners and catching up with those we were really there to see.

Love me some accordion!


At the end of the night the band actually apologized for their behaviour, they said if we saw some negative feedback on Facebook it was coming from two of the most obnoxious people they had met, and all because they told a girl they couldn’t touch a $1000 piece of equipment just because it was her birthday.

We laughed.  And then, I spoke with them and told them we loved their response and cheered their commitment to not taking shit from privileged annoying girls.

And hey – they do a mean cover of Mumford and Sons The Cave.

So all in all pretty awesome!