Puppy or Baby?

Which one do you think is easier to manage?

The Boy was puppy sitting Molly the other day since all of her regularly scheduled people were going to be out all day and Mom felt like it was a long time to leave the baby.  So she brought her by on her way downtown for The Boy to watch.  He was so excited about his date “with his girlfriend” as he put it.  But when she got to our house… M for Meltdown.  The little dog was so sad.  Crying and whining and generally would not settle.

I came home at lunch and she was thrilled to see me, mostly she likes to bite my hair, but even that was short-lived, she just wandered around the apartment making sad little noises.

We tried everything, playing, taking her out to pee, we even took her for a 20 minute walk (a long time for those little legs).


How can a 3lb little ball of fluff be so demanding?

Mom forgot to send some food with her, so the Boy resolved that she must be hungry/stressed to be out of her house so he packed up her stuff (she came with a substantial amount for an afternoon) and took her home to Alliston.  Back to her house. Back to her brother Denver.

While we were walking her (so awkward BTW she’s so small and underfoot all the time it’s crazy!) we passed by a friend/neighbour who just had a baby.  Little Issac was 4 weeks old and sleeping soundly, as we stopped to chat with her, Molly started to whine again.  We exchanged details about our new little ones, and this mom of 2, a three year old and a 4 week old actually said – “I don’t envy you – I’d rather take a baby than a puppy”


Molly really hasn’t been that bad (says the person who is not getting up with her at night), she is into everything of course, but she is also super cute and cuddly which obviously makes it okay. When I came home and the Boy was freaking out that he couldn’t get the dog to stop crying it made me laugh in my head and think – is this is a glimpse into my future? How are you ever going to handle a baby if you can’t handle a puppy for an hour!  So this thought that the baby would actually be easier really threw me way off.

I’ve never agreed with “we’ll get a puppy to practice for a baby” the whole idea makes no sense to me, but if it’s true a baby is easier than a puppy – maybe a puppy is good practice?

So I’m putting it to you new mommies out there – and I know you’re out there.  Which do you think is easier, new baby or new puppy?

A movie date for two

”]Cover of "Love Actually [Blu-ray]"

Well, I was going to post on venue number 2… but I’m not sure where my cable is for my camera, and I’m not feeling hunting for it right now.  So non-wedding news instead.

This weekend the Boy ditched me.  He traded me in for a younger more masculine model – a man date.  I didn’t mind, especially since Friday night I ditched him, while staying in the same house.  Sista got a new piano and we reverted right back to our high school days playing piano and singing Disney classics.  The Boy fell asleep on the couch downstairs – ear plugs firmly in place I can only assume.  When he called Saturday to ask if I would mind terribly if he stayed at a friend’s house instead of coming home I was all for it.

How did I spend my weekend? I did what any newly engaged girl would do – I curled up on the couch with my dog, and watched movies and flipped through magazines… lots of both. Love Actually anyone? Inspiration. Elf,  a Will Ferrel Christmas classic.  And just when I was thinking of going to bed early Christmas With the Kranks was starting on TV – what’s a girl to do? Watch it that’s what!!

On Sunday, the weekend of Meaghan continued – with a brunch date followed by a good hour and a half at Chapters.  Started some Christmas shopping and restrained myself from killing the bookstore seasonal staff who asked me at LEAST 15 times if I needed help, was looking for anything in particular or had received a coupon.  They nearly ruined my experience – but a Chai Tea Latte made up for their annoyingness.

My date with me (and Denver of course) ended off with some knitting and listening to the beginnings of my Wedding playlist… more on that tomorrow. Once the Boy came home, turned off my music and turned on football, boo.  We compromised with vegetarian dinner and Four Christmases – BTW worst movie ever!  Otherwise, so relaxing and wonderful.

How was your weekend and how do you get in the Christmas season?

A Glimpse into the Future…

We have a house guest.  He’s furry, he has four paws, and he’s sick. He’s Denver, and he has diarrhea.  The thinking is that the golf course my parents moved to had heavily sprayed the grass before closing the course for the season.  The dogs get to play on the fairway once the course is closed – coincidentally now all the neighbourhood dogs are sick.  Awesome.

Mom and Dad have left for Florida and that leaves my four-footed friend bunking with the Boy and I.  Sick.

He’s made a turn for the better (sister – don’t worry he should be back to normal by the time your shift comes), but this weekend did offer a slight glimpse into my future.  While the Boy has been fine with him during the day (he even cleaned up the GIANT mess in the bathroom Friday after work), at night Denver suddenly becomes “my dog.”  When he jumps off the bed, and wants outside at 2:30, 4:00, and 6:00 in the morning – the Boy hears him before I do, wakes up, but then shoves me and says “Your dog wants out.”  I’ve gotten up, put on my shoes and coat and taken him outside. It’s made me wonder… is this what it’s going to be like?

I decided to engage the Boy in this thought…

Me – Why is it that Denver is suddenly my dog anytime after you’ve gone to bed (9:30), but you’ve got strong opinions about what we should be feeding him any other time?

Boy – Because he’s your dog.  He’s your responsibility – especially at night.

Me – Is this going to be your answer if we have kids – are you going to hear them cry, wake me up and say “your kid needs you!”

Boy – Well, we’ll always be sure they’re your kids – they come out of you after all.

Me – Are you saying you’ll need a DNA test before you’ll change a diaper?

Boy – Hmmm…. I hadn’t thought of it… but that sounds like a good idea.


For those concerned – Denver has made a turn for the better, he slept through the night and without getting too graphic – things are looking more solid.  If you find yourself in a similar situation – I gave him rice and boiled hamburger and found some kind of puppy pepto at the pet store.  He doesn’t seem to particularly care for it, but he’s better so too bad.  The pet store also suggested Gatorade in his water – he didn’t like that.

"My tummy hurts"

Home Sweet Home

The parents are back from there adventures in Alaska, and that means the Boy and I have returned to our apartment. Back to a smaller television, no more dog, but air conditioning that works – so that’s cool (Haha punny).

We spent the weekend in St. Mary’s this weekend, golfing (of course) and starting our friends off on the right foot by FULLY participating in their Buck and Doe.  I paid for my enthusiasm with a nasty headache and a sad tummy on Sunday, but it was totally worth it. Good times had by all.

Best news of the weekend – we got the Boy’s car back.  Hurray! Better than that, it didn’t cost us several months rent! HUZZAH!  Friendly Frank fixed the problem – caused not by a bad oil change, or a missed oil change but by a crack in the intake gasket.  Basically, anti-freeze was getting into the oil and the ticking was caused by a lack of initial start-up lubrication…. or something.  What I know for sure is that Frank was ready to only charge the Boy for parts – super generous but not a fair value of his time or the money he saved us.  So the Boy was sure to give him a bonus, and a BIG thank you.  In the end even though the money went to and from different accounts – the car was paid for mostly out of change we saved in the last 8 months! Score!! He also took a look at the brake line and now the Red Rocket is not only riding without ticking – it STOPS with ease!

In other news we are invited to another wedding for this summer.  These friends of ours are getting hitched left, right and centre!  Conveniently, this unexpected invite lands on the one weekend of the summer that the Boy has off and we don’t have anything scheduled.  Our summer is officially booked.  But two weddings in two weeks – I think I may need to find a new dress.

This is why we need a puppy… and an iPhone

"Is that a light on that camera?"

The Boy and I were at our weekly trip to my parents on Sunday for laundry, dinner and to plant our roof-top garden.  It was a beautiful day – 31C and nothing but sun.

As we were planting away, Denver was very keen on helping.  That was until the light had changed in the backyard and he could start his daily exercise… chasing the light’s reflection off the back door across the yard.  My dad opens and closes the door slowly and Denver chases the reflection as it travels back and forth, forth and back across the backyard.  Have I mentioned how smart he is?  We’re never really sure who has more fun at this game  – the dog, or the dad.

One of these days he might just catch it

I know what you’re thinking – “Aww, what a cute puppy thing to do… they’re so funny when they’re young and they chase things.”  Denver is 9.  That is 63 in dog years.  He is no longer a puppy.  He will not grow out of this.

12 inches of dog… 9 inches of tongue… where does he store it?

They played this game for about 10-15 minutes in the 30+ weather.  Denver then gave us a new image to relate to dog tired.  “What’s that in his mouth” you ask?  It’s his tongue.  I’ve never seen it that big before.

You would think he’d go straight for the water dish… or just pass out in the shade.  Neither.  He sat and waited for the light to come back.

That is until my Dad started to fill the water dish.  This is his second favourite outdoor activity.  He likes to bite the water.  What can I say?  He has aggression issues.

First he starts by digging in the water

Now if we had a puppy we could be entertained by such antics on a daily instead of weekly basis. And if I had an iPhone – you would be able to fully appreciate the hilarity of this animal.  I’d post it on YouTube, it would be showcased on Ellen, fame would follow shortly.  Alas, these still shots will have to do, although they hard;y do him justice.  If the hose is higher he’ll jump up and bite at it.

Then he gets his face right in there to bite the water.

He better get this out of his system now… no backyard in the new house!

Another Merry Monkey Morning

My parents are away, and the boy and I have been staying at their house to look after the dog, Denver.  The boy claims that this decision was to make it easier for Denver (he won’t be as stressed out because he’s still at home) and had nothing to do with their large TV that has access to multiple sporting events in HD, or that it happens to be NHL playoffs right now… no it’s not that, it’s all for the dog.

I don’t mind though, I’ll miss my house when it’s gone – so it lets me soak up some time within the walls I know and love.  The other great part about being and Mom and Dad’s, they have ice cubes (a luxury that we have not purchased yet at our apartment).  Not only that, they have a blender that happily makes delicious smoothies.  And beyond THAT, my Mom recently got a new raw food cookbook Art of Raw Living Food complete with a tried and tested smoothie recipe.  The result is filling deliciousness.

Every morning this week I have made myself a Merry Monkey Smoothie, and every morning I am not even peckish until lunch.  Typically in the morning I enjoy almond butter or peanut butter and honey on toast.  It’s good, it’s fast, it’s healthy, but I’m usually looking for a snack around 10:30.  My new smoothie is beyond delicious, really takes no time at all to make, and I’m full until at least noon.  Brilliant.

Here’s the skinny on the smoothie:

1 banana

1/4 cup almond milk

2 tbsp almond butter

1 tbsp agave nectar (to be found at your local health food store)

1 tsp cinnamon

1 cup ice

Today I added a heaping teaspoon of ground flax seeds – you know to make sure things keep moving.

SMOOTHIFY, pour and enjoy.

I’m hoping my blender at home will be up to the task because I am really addicted to this deliciousness – so much so that last night I tracked down organic bananas at 9:45pm so I would be able to have one this morning.  It may have required 2 stores.

This does mean that I’ll have to break down and buy ice cube trays, and find room for them in the freezer, a daunting task, but worth it.

The next recipe in the book is an Avocado Whip Smoothie – which consists of an avocado, mango, pineapple, almond milk, and ice… plus whatever I’ve forgotten.  I’m intrigued but much like my love of the Starbucks Chai Tea Latte – what if I try something else and it’s not as good?  I’ll be so disappointed.  We’ll see.  I may have to take the leap and try something new or I’ll be at risk of too much of a good thing.

Picture from here

The Boy, The Dog and The Can of Pledge

Since my parents are moving, they have to sell their house.  Last week was the first week for showings so we had Denver, their 9-year old Malti-poo, that looks and acts like he’s still a puppy… with anxiety issues.

The boy and I are having the puppy debate, should we or shouldn’t we get one.  Pro – puppies are cute and we would get to squish his face. Con – they cost money and we are poor.  But last week I got some insight into the training that the boy will need if we are to train a dog.

Thursday I woke up late, and in my effort to catch the bus on time I took the dog outside but not for very long. There was a number 1 but no number 2 to report.  I left him in the apartment and went to work.  I got home to discover that Denver had left the boy a present in the form of number 2, all over the living room floor.

The boy was given a few clues when he came in the door, the first was the smell, the second was when Denver didn’t meet him at the door.  When he went into our room he found Denver on the bed curled into the smallest ball he could, we like to think if he could speak he would say “it wasn’t me!”

I apologized for my role in the whole thing, but had to ask – why was there a can of pledge sitting on the carpet.  He said, we didn’t have any carpet cleaner and of the cleaners we had (all purpose cleaner being one of the options) Pledge seemed like the best choice. I laughed and explained that should this happen again white vinegar and warm water was a good option, or checking this thing called “the internet” for “household cleaning solutions.”  He said, “okay.”

Friday morning, I woke up earlier and made sure to take Denver on a real walk where he successfully completed number 1 and number 2.  Dan came home and took Denver out right away, he did not produce anything – weird.  He had a shower and came out to the living room to find a little puddle of number 1.  Annoyed he cleaned it up and told Denver they were no longer friends.

I came home to find the roll of paper towel on the floor again and the smell of Pledge. I laughed at his listening skills and recleaned with vinegar and water.

Boys.  I think we have some training to do.