Back with a BIG annoucement

So I wrote my Vegas recap post in the airport last week.  Then I got on the plane and broke out in a fever.
Not good.
I was off for 2 days sick, went back on Wednesday and had to leave early and be driven home (which is now a 7 minute WALK away) because I was super dizzy.
The rumors have started spreading.  Sick for a couple days? Fever? Dizziness? You know what everyone is thinking.

So I’m here today to make the big announcement and set the record straight.

It was confirmed last night.

We’re going to be parents.

To a little one named Gordon.


She cries a lot.  Her Dad the Boy who is a especially GIANT to her is delusional and thinks she’s going to sleep through the night.

But Gordon and I know he’s wrong.

We’re a family of 3 and loving it!  She even helped with this post. Mostly by standing on the laptop, digging in my lap and chewing my fingers.

But helping none the less.

Tomorrow… Vegas. I promise.