Randomness to Catch Up

The last week has been busy… but not… but yes.  No excuses really, just a list of random things to catch up on my whereabouts in the days gone by.

1. BFF Kristyn and I are still yogiing. Every week I hope it’s going to get better. And every week it kills me again.  I’m still hoping that one of these days  I’m going to come out of it not feeling like I’ve been through the ringer… one day.

2. Speaking of yoga – specifically to those ladies that are in my yoga class that keep their hair in a neat ponytail all the way through, and don’t look sweaty and gross by the end. I know I’m not supposed to be judging myself against others – but seriously, how do you do that? I look like a hot mess by about 15 minutes in every week.  Bah.

3. I went to a fundraiser for my old work last week.  I assure you they’re doing really well without me. I couldn’t believe all their accomplishments in funding and fundraising in the last 6 months. Amazing! It made me happy to be able to support the organization in a different way, and to have come from such a great little organization.

4. Grandma Shirley (the Boy’s Grandma) is sick.  We spent half the weekend in the hospital sitting with her and making sure she knows she’s loved.  Grandma is so sweet and funny, even when she’s not feeling so great right now.  We arrived Thursday night and she told me they had been talking about me. About 10 minutes later she asked if I was pregnant yet.  I told her no, but I would let her know when the time comes.  She was clearly disappointed.  The Boy and I don’t have baby plans anytime in the near future and we definitely want her there – so if everyone could say a little prayer for Grandma we would appreciate it.  She told me this weekend she’s loved me for 10 years.  I’ve loved her for that long too.

5. I was in charge of dessert this weekend for the Boy’s family Easter dinner.  I felt the pressure. I went back and forth on what to make.  I thought about lemon meringue cupcakes since they would be easy to make ahead and assemble once we arrived. Then I considered Angela’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups in a Jar but the Boy must be catching on and know that only delicious but vegan things come from my blog recipes. Without even seeing the secret ingredient (tofu) in the ingredients list he had this to say, “Nothing weird Meaghan. Okay? Just make something normal. Like pie. What’s wrong with pie? How about just regular pie. And make sure there’s enough for everyone. You better make two.  Nothing weird. Pies.”  You’d think I’d tried to poison him or something?  So I made pie. 2 Lemon meringue pies.  From scratch. Pastry. Lemon curd. Meringue.  They didn’t set. But they were delicious. Grandma agreed. She’s on a strict diet, juice, ginger ale, water, and pie.

6. I played my first golf game of the season.  It did not go well. I’ve got a long way to go if I’m going to beat my legitimate score of 124 by 10 strokes. Yikes. It was good to get outside though and good times were had by all.  The Boy says he didn’t shoot well either… but “not well” of 84 doesn’t count in my books. Bugger.

7. I was playing with the BMI calculator on my work’s wellness page. My BMI is okay – it could be better though. The Boy’s is on the higher end of normal. This was more arsenal for the “we really need to be more active” campaign.  Last night we went for a walk and the Boy asked if I wanted to run home.  I knew I wouldn’t make it all the way home without stopping. I was right. We did three mini runs, totaling just under 0.5km.  I wouldn’t say it was a good first attempt, but it was a start. We need to figure out how to run together if we’re going to do it. The Boy’s casual jog is my RUN. Suggestions?

8. The Boy and I are thinking about thinking about moving.  We I found a BEAUTIFUL three bedroom semi, but it’s in what the locals call “the dog patch” as in the sketchy part of Northern Ontario. There are some nice spots in the dog patch, but this was not one of them.  Darn. The Boy said he TOLD me it was in the dog patch I just didn’t want to believe him.  It’s true. Anyway, I was talking to a realtor friend of my parents and she asked if I was working with anyone. She wasn’t impressed with my answer of “Kijiji.”  She’s now on the look out for us too and she told us this mind-blowing information.  “Meaghan, you know you always negotiate the rent price right?” Um…. what?! No. I did NOT know that. So we’re all on the look out and she’s going to help us with our negotiation skills.  Fingers crossed!

9. And finally, the prayers to St. Anthony must have worked.  Or the Boy just is better at keeping track of things than I am.  Tomorrow Wedding Wednesday returns.  The photos are not lost forever – hurray!

10. What’s randomly up with you? And did you know you can negotiate rent? The Boy says he knew in theory, but wouldn’t do it – would you?