The Queen and I

It’s getting closer.  We’re under 3 months and W-day is less than 12 weeks away – that’s almost single digits people!

This weekend I spent some time trying to check off some of those things that I could do at the last minute or I could get them done way in advance and seem like a crazy person who is doing things way in advance.  I say try because I really didn’t get very far.  Being uber prepared way in advance (even if 12 weeks doesn’t seem like way in advance) just isn’t in my nature.  Meh.

But one thing that was checked off the list was getting a w-day outfit for my lovely Grandmother.  Nanny, as we call her around these parts, is very excited about the impending day. Based on remarks made here and there for the last 8 years – I’d say she’s been waiting for it likely longer than I have.  She’s the only grandparent I’ve ever known and I’m thrilled that she’ll be able to be there. What’s great for her is I’m pretty sure all 10 of her kids will be making the trek East.  This will be the first time they have all been together since my youngest aunt got married 17 years ago.

The Nanny - isn't she sweet

I just asked her what she’s looking forward to the most about W-day and she said, “Seeing the bride” – so sweet, and “seeing my family.”  I’m pretty sure the other thing ranking high on her list is the Boy and I will be one step closer to bringing her great-grandchildren on the east side of Canada.  (She doesn’t know about the 10 year plan in that department).

Anyway, this weekend Mom and I took her W-day dress shopping.  It was something that was high on Mom’s to do list so off we went.  We headed off to The Bay and pulled about 4 different outfits for her.  She dutifully tried each one on, they looked nice but she clearly wasn’t loving any of them. Then she tried the last one on and we had found “the one.” It was so clearly the one that she suddenly garnered the attention of the entire store. Strangers were coming up to her and telling her how beautiful she looked.

For reals.

I can’t show you what she’s wearing I can only say she looks amazing, and I told her she is surely going to upstage the bride (generally a W-day faux pas but in this case I’ll make an exception).

She’s going to look like the Queen.  After 10 kids, 30 grandkids and 10 great-grandkids I’d say that’s fitting.

Okay, a little teaser.

That's right - we even found her shoes! CHECK!

A-Z of Long Weekend Whirlwind

The Boy and I went to my cousin’s wedding. I was thinking of how to sum up a whirlwind trip jam-packed with family fun… I’m going to attempt to do it alphabetically:

Aeroplan – How we were able to make the trip.  My parents seem to have accumulated excessive points so they generously donated some to our cause and we just paid the tax.  Sweet!

Banff – The Boy and I escaped the family clutches for a quick trip to Banff to meet BFF Kate and her new manfriend.  I wish we had mountains in Ontario… and Kates and manfriends too.

Calgary – where we were for most of the weekend. Duh.

Dancing – The Boy did dance with me, but only once he was good and ready. The parents danced up a storm.

Eleven – Number of kids under the age of 7 that were at my uncle’s house on Sunday – organized chaos!

Family – I’ve got a big one.

Grandchildren – We were able to take a picture with my Grandmother and all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren that were at the wedding… there were 14 grandchildren and one great-baby.  Does that seem like a lot? Did I mention that there were 16 grandchildren missing and 9 greats?  That’s 40 kids for those that have trouble with the math.

Holiday – Even though it was a quick trip, this time of year is a great time for a holiday… even if you go somewhere cold.

iPhone – All of my pictures were from my iPhone since Sista has my camera.  I’m impressed.

Jim – Father of the Bride and my Uncle who just got an iPhone.  Cousins be warned no one is safe…. Jim’s taking video and uploading to YouTube!

Kids – Being one of the older kids in the family here’s a question, when did all of these little ones become legally drinking big kids?  I know it’s not a huge age difference between some of us, but if I’ve changed your diaper you are forever age 6 in my head… seeing you otherwise disturbs me.

Love – Lots of love for the Bride and Groom – why else would we make the trek… especially in March!

Marriage – What we went to celebrate, and celebrate we did! I loved that their ceremony and reception was reflective of them, and the reception super fun.  From Buddha place-card holders, to named tables – simple and beautiful!

Neeel-Lawn – How the Westerner’s say Mom’s maiden name (their last name).  When the Justice of the Peace said my cousin’s name the Boy leaned over and said – “As if they said her name wrong!” I explained that’s how these Calgarians say it.  We talked about it the next day and cousin says she heard recently that they all say it weird.  News to her.

Over-yarned – I was worried about the dreaded under-yarn.  But instead I went to the other extreme.  Forgetting that I would be exhausted on the flight there, busy the entire 4 days, and only able to really knit on the way home  – I packed about 4 different projects and only worked on one. That said, I’d rather over-yarn than under-yarn any day.

Paul – The newest member of the family! Just when he was thinking he knew everyon ein the family – a whole new group came from Ontario… and that STILL wasn’t everyone.  Paul – every family is a little weird… there’s just A LOT more of us than in most.

Quartz – Rose quartz that is.  One of my fave parts of the ceremony.  All the guests were asked to hold a piece of rose quartz in their hand and put a wish or intention for the couple into the stone. They collected all of the stones and they will be kept in their home as a reminder of all the love on their wedding day!  Beautiful!

Readers – I found out where all those stats are coming from! Thanks family for reading my blog!

Stacey – The reason for the season.  This little lady was one beautiful bride!

The Boy – The family all gave me shit for not calling the Boy by name on my blog.  You can imagine what they had to say when I told them that’s his name on my phone too! They were happy to re-meet him and remind themselves of his for real name.

Uncles – My mom is the oldest of 10 kids.  5 girls and 5 boys.  4 of the boys are in Calgary and this weekend we got to see all the uncles.  Love them!

Venison – Didn’t get to eat any, but was reminded everyday where that delicious treat comes from…. a baby Bambi Head right above our bed. Single tear.

Weather – We saw it all. Sun, rain and a lot of SNOW.  W-day for Cousin was an absolute Blizzard.  30 cm/12 inches – ish.  The next day? Beautiful and melting.  That’s Calgary!

eXcited – Going to a wedding certainly got us excited for our own!

Yikes – What I said when I got to work this morning and opened 57 emails + the 20 I received today + our work website broke when I was away.  That’ll teach me for leaving for a few days!

Zzzzz – I had high hopes of going to the gym today and tricking the jet-lag into thinking it wasn’t going to get me and move on.  It didn’t work.  By 4:30 today I was exhausted.  My friend Milena told me today your soul takes 3 days to catch up to you when you travel… so by that theory my soul just figured out I was in Calgary… and I left again.