Closing Time – You can’t stay here

Today’s the day!!! It’s Closing Day! Hurrah!!!!!!
It’s a little bittersweet – just a little.  As I’m looking around our first home there are things I’ll miss and things I won’t.  In honour of our first home 5 fast things I won’t miss and 5 fast things I will.

  1. Not controlling the heat. Our apartment is in a century home that has been split into 4 apartments.  It’s water radiators are efficient – when they’re on. The heat is controlled by the apartment downstairs.  The first winter we were here the people in that apartment didn’t know they controlled it for the whole house and turned the heat off whenever they weren’t home – we froze for a good couple of weeks before we found them.
  2. Not controlling the temperature of my shower. Similarly to heat, in an old house we all have the same hot water tank. If you’re showering and someone else decides to do laundry – you better be quick or get out of the way!
  3. Speaking of laundry – The Boy and I are thrilled to not have to cart our laundry all over Ontario.  Spilled something on yourself? Now we can wash it right away!!
  4. Nosey neighbours. Okay, so they’re not that bad, but we do live across the street from our landlords and while they are lovely people, it’s just a bit…. close.
  5. The draft.  We love the old character of our house, but an old comes with old windows and in the winter – those windows are really crappy.  Our apartment is super cute but in the winter – it’s small and it’s cold.


But there are things we’ll miss too:

  1. The character.  We really love the large window frames, 9 inch base boards and old wood floors.  Our new house is new – and that’s going to be great too, but we really loved that we lived in an old house with lots of history.
  2. The neighbourhood.  Even though we’re only moving about 1 km away, we’re in a new neighbourhood.  Sure that means we’ll find new houses to lust after, but we really like looking at the all the other old houses in our current area.
  3. The “lake”.  Part of the neighbourhood is a really nice central park, with a big “lake” (not a lake at all, it’s a pond but they call it a lake – I don’t know why).  We walk around this “lake” every night and look for the beaver, check in on the ducks. Again, our new house will come with a new walk route but until we find it we’ll miss our old one.
  4. Muscle Beach.  Our square-footage basically doubled in the summer with Muscle Beach – our rooftop patio and container garden.  Our new house will get a new deck next summer – it’s already on the Boy’s to-do list. But there’s something about a roof top that’s just so much cooler. Maybe it’s the lack of railings that made it feel more badass. HA!
  5. The neighbours. Our family friends, and priest live one street over. We’ll miss running into them on our daily walks and it’s been nice to have someone we know living so close.  It gives our neighbourhood a small town feel when you run into people on the street, or have someone throw rocks or an apple core at your window to get your attention.

Good-bye little apartment.  We’ve loved you while we were here – but it’s time to go.

Was it or Wasn’t it

Okay kids, I’m looking to you.  The Boy and I are in the middle of a VERY serious argument.

Did we just go on our honeymoon?

Last weekend was the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada (for my American friends Canadians celebrate the birthday of our reigning monarch on the Monday around the 24th of May each year – regardless of when their actual birthday is. It is rarely referred to as Victoria Day and more typically referred to as May 2-4. Every year, Ontarians think it’s going to be a beautiful weekend for outdoor activities and typically it is cold and rainy.  This year it was GORGEOUS. The more you know!) Sista and the Physicist went to Kingston and Prince Edward County and the Boy and I went to their apartment in Toronto.

It was our first weekend “away” together – without additional family members, since we’ve been married.

So I give you 5 reasons why it may have been our honeymoon and 5 reasons why it definitely was not.

  1. It was our first weekend away together since we’ve been married. (This is basically the Boy’s only point).
  2. We went out for fancy dinner.
  3. We split a bottle of wine at dinner for the first time ever.
  4. Some of us tried new foods – the Boy had Elk.
  5. We discovered new areas of a city we love.

And now the truth (yes I realize there are 6 here – hey if he wants it to be equal he should write his own post):

  1. We went less than 60km away. That is not very far.
  2. We did not have any accommodation costs – we even brought our own sheets.
  3. We went to a baseball game.
  4. We did not buy anything to commemorate our trip – not even matching fedoras.
  5. We went home early.
  6. I took a total of 13 pictures. 7 of which were of the Boy sitting 3′ from me saying “Why are you taking my picture?”

Obviously to document our honeymoon that you keep insisting we are on darling. Why else?

Settle the score – what say you? Did our Toronto weekend count as our honeymoon?

Also – since it obviously does not count – any suggestions?

Happy Birthday to MOM!!

It’s Mom’s birthday today. So in celebration, I give you five fast things my mom taught me:

  1. How to knit. Even though I can’t go as fast as her (The Boy was once watching both of us knit and told me he thought my “sticks” might be broken) and I can’t figure out how she doesn’t take her hand off the needle – she still passed the love of yarn on to me. And that is awesome.
  2. A love of books. Seriously, is there anything better than teaching someone to love to read? It takes me to different worlds, let’s me learn new things. And that is awesome.
  3. A love of cooking – and more specifically cookbooks. I can envision the Boy and I having this argument for the next 50 years. But come on new books give you new delicious meals and treats to try and love. And that is awesome.
  4. Mother bear instincts. Mom loves her kids. Always. Even when they screw up. Even if they screw up big time. And Mom loves anyone her kids bring home be it a friend when you are 5 or a giant when you are 20. Unless of course they hurt you. Then watch out -she’ll hurt you. And that is awesome.
  5. A healthy relationship. I think my siblings would agree that while books and knitting and new treats are nice, the most important thing that Mom taught us was how to love your spouse and what to expect love to look like in return. She has shown us that arguing doesn’t get you very far and that just because the other person does something that drives you crazy doesn’t mean that you don’t love them. It’s okay to take time for yourself and it’s okay to take time away from your kids. And it leaves you with a life that is full and happy and a whole lot of fun. And that is awesome.

Happy Birthday to the greatest Mom I know. XOXO

The Last Friday

This is it.  The last Friday post on The Twenties Roar.  *single tear*

I wasn’t sure how to do it.  Do I post a video? Or maybe do a fast five?

Well hell, I figure it’s the last Friday – let’s do both.

Five Reasons I love The Twenties Roar:

  1. I will always love that The Twenties Roar was my first blog – you always remember your first right? Well, this was mine.  I carved out my own little piece of the blogosphere and told the world what I thought. Amazing.
  2. The Twenties Roar made me some new friends.  I never really thought that anyone other than my immediate family would follow me.  I can still remember getting the email that told me a stranger subscribed to my blog.  I think I might have cried. I definitely reported it to The Boy as my BIG NEWS of the day.  Now I have MANY strangers that follow along, and some of those strangers have become my bloggy friends.  It’s a weird little thing, that I think only bloggers get – but I think it’s awesome.
  3. It made me discover SO MANY BLOGS! And LEARN so many new things.  My Google Reader is STACKED with files on knitting, baking, cookies (yes those are separate from baking), veggie meals, DIY, and hundreds of ideas for our someday house. Oddly, I didn’t really start reading blogs until I started writing one – so I have this little blog to thank for that too.
  4. An archive.  I LOVE that I have all of my thoughts are here in one little spot. I love that I have all of my anxiety and excitement about planning our W-day are here. Written down. And I love that I wouldn’t have done it in a paper journal in a million years.
  5. Therapy. Writing has always been therapeutic for me.  The journals I do have are really sad and negative from periods in my life where I needed to write it out in order to work out my feelings. That makes for a pretty negative record (see above).  But The Twenties Roar has been a space where I’ve been able to work out some of the stress of being in my twenties, living with a boy, not having ducks. And I’ve gotten a lot of support for the posts that I’ve published.  (Thanks for that by the way!) I’ve also been able to work out some of my less publishable stress by writing here and keeping it private. (Yes, it’s true I don’t publish every single thought in my head) Typically the posts I don’t make public are those that effect someone else who hasn’t chosen to make their lives public – and I’m fine with that – but sometimes I still need the therapy and The Twenties Roar has been that for me.

Now a video – a YouTube Friday that I saw last night.  Lion tries to eat baby.  You’re welcome Brother.


The Twenties Roar has been good to me, and hopefully you’ve gotten something out of it too.  I’m really sad to say goodbye to the title. But I’m also really excited to start fresh with a new blog.  It feels rejuvenating.

Thank you to each and every person who has ever read a single post on this little blog. I appreciate the love and support more than I could ever say. I hope you’ll continue to check in with me at my new home. And I hope even more that I’m able to smoothly transition you to the new site – eek! Just in cases, there might be ONE more post here, to direct you to my new home.

Have a GREAT weekend – and maybe wish me luck!

Fast Five Friday – All hail Dr. Suess

The Lorax (film)

The Lorax (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Boy and I went last weekend to see The Lorax. I know, after my love affair with the Hunger Games you would think we would be there at the opening show. I might have been, but the Boy hates crowds and doesn’t see the point. I can’t really argue. My life won’t end if I don’t see movies I’ve been looking forward to on the opening weekend. I’m a big girl. I can wait. Not for long though – we’re totally going to see it SOON. In the meantime though we spent a kind of dreary Saturday at The Lorax. We may have been the only people there without littles under the age of 5 in tow. Meh. I’m not bothered by it. 5 year-olds just know where it’s at!

I love kids movie. LOVE them! And I love love love the Doctor. Suess that is. I know, the language is a bit nonsensical, and that can be annoying to some. But to those people I say – 1. Get over it. 2. Where’s your sense of imagination? 3. Take a minute and really listen to what the good Doctor is saying to you. He’s got some good stuff in there.

But first – a quick movie review. The Boy really liked the story, (he didn’t really grow up with the Suess like I did and had never heard of the Lorax before), but it wasn’t his favourite movie. I blame the migraine aura that started about half-way through for him. How can he concentrate on the goodness when anticipating the badness? I loved it for it’s far greater comment on consumerism than the book. I found it really relevant and expanded in all the right places. I say, grab yourself a 5 year old if you’re not man enough to go yourself and go see it.  I mean it’s got Betty White – how can you go wrong?

Anyway, this is getting to be not so fast – here are my 5 favourite Dr. Suess words of wisdom:

1. A person’s a person no matter how small.

2. Today you are you. That’s truer than true. There’s no one alive who is youer than you.

3. I know up on top you are seeing great sights, but down here at the bottom we, too, should have rights.

4. We’re all a little weird, and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.

and in tribute to the Lorax and this weekend’s Earth Hour:

5. Unless someone like you, cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to change. It’s not.

Fast Five Friday – Spring is in the Air!

Happy Friday All!!

Here goes – five things I’ve been loving about this wonderful crazy early, crazy warm spring weather we’ve been having up here in Northern Ontario the last 2 weeks.

  1. Shirtless boys. The true sign of the first few warm days of spring. It makes me LOL every single time.  Oh this 19C day is SO hot you can’t possibly wear a shirt? And you’re right, you do have the body for it. Hilarious.
  2. Driving with the windows down.  In the heat of summer it can be 24C and you find yourself driving around with the windows up and the AC blowing. Let’s be honest, you know you’re guilty of it too. But in those first few days it’s too refreshing not to take full advantage of that warm breeze as you drive around town.
  3. Sleeping with the windows open. Goodbye super hot sweaty apartment. Hello warm breeze and waking up to the sunshine and singing birds.
  4. A renewed vigor for physical activity.  The Boy and I have doubled our walk route, and there’s talk of learning to run together. Sure it probably won’t happen but that doesn’t make the first days of spring any less wonderful
  5. No socks. This is my absolute favourite and to be honest it’s the one reason why I’m wishing this spring took a more typical warming pattern.  I’ve ditched socks this week, and next week when it’s back to cold – I’m going to be bitter.  Usually I ditch the socks as soon as possible and don’t bring them back until October. Nonetheless, sockless in March? I’ll take it!

There you have it, five fast things I love about Spring! Tell me – what’s your fast five?

Fast Five for Friday

Hurray for Friday! So I had this thought a while ago, five fast things I love on Friday. Five things on a theme.  And as I said – I wrote this a long time ago, but didn’t post it (don’t ask me why – there’s no picture I was waiting for)

So here we go.  Five things I’m liking about my new (5 months is still new right?) job. Some context? I’ve been at my new job for three weeks five months, and my assessment so far is… I like it…. but it’s really different from everything else I’ve done.  Ever. (This is still my assessment five months later – with the addition of, it’s got potential for growth).

But there are things I like – so here’s five.

  1. Let’s be honest – it’s the pay. While some of what I’m finding harder to get used to is the bureaucracy and formality, (this is still true at 5 months) they’re paying me for it – so it’s fine.
  2. One hour lunch.  Until I’ve completed my probation period, (1 more month to go) I have an hour lunch.  I have so much time to catch up on blogs, run errands, leisurely eat – whatever! Mostly though, I just come home and read some blogs and watch Income Property and Property Brothers and dream of having my own little shit-hole house that I can gut and beautify. After my probabtion period I have the option to compress my work week, get a half hour lunch or work a half hour extra on either side of my day and presto – 1 day off every 3 weeks.  Sweet.
  3. The people. I’m in a branch of about 50, but my unit is only 4.  And I like ’em.  That’s always nice.
  4. The problems.  I’ve got some messes to clean up – and I like that.
  5. It might be only BFF Kristyn that gets this last love – but I had to include it just for her (I found out the other day The Boy loves this too – I knew we were meant to be).  Papermate Medium and Fine Blue pens. I came in my first day to find one of each in my desk.  Brilliant.  It’s the little things.

And that’s just it.  It’s the little things. That’s why I wanted to start this Fast Five Friday segment.  Feel free to play along with each week’s theme and leave me a comment with the five (or as many as you can think of) things you love about that week’s theme.

It’s easy to list the reasons you hate your job, but c’mon people – let’s focus on the positive. Give me at least 1 thing you like about your job, it could be as simple as the pens.

Happy weekend!